MSNB spam rage (not really political)

Honestly, don't talk about doing it just do it :). I can totally relate to where this guy is coming from at least from an anger stand point. A couple times at work we have actually had critical E-mail aliases used for customer support crippled because of waves of spam and we have decent filters (even the best gateway filters get crumpled when you have a spam peak wave and virus issues at the same time though). Really though if you get that angry take legal action don't make written threats with big red flag words.

I find the orginators defense for the situation somewhat amusing "He said his firm does not send spam but blamed a rival firm which he said routes much of their unsolicited bulk e-mail through Russia and eastern Europe. Mackay said such firms gave a bad name to the penis enhancement business." and yet it was clearly his adds that the guy was responding to.

My god! How does someone have the audacity to slander the penis enlargement business? Think of all the respectable businessmen...soiled by him.