Limbaugh Investigated

Oh I can hear the outcry against the liberal media on this one.

""Limbaugh withdrew cash 30 to 40 times from his account at amounts just under the $10,000""

What kind of a world do we live in, where an individual can just take out money from his bank account whenever he wants to, in whatever amount he wants to. I weep for the children.

What lies! Hasn''t the man earned the right to be treated better than fairly for all the work he has done in bettering our nation through his work? This is simply wrong. Leave the man alone!

How is this news? ""Man goes to ATM."" Whoopee.

This is no more newsworthy than ''Rich man spends lot on boat'', or ''Rich woman wears expensive jewelry''.

The charge is money laudering. I''m not exactly sure what Rush would be laundering or why... (*edit* well, the connection to his pain killer addiction has been alleged) Anyway, the gist of it is that the bank he was dealing with had been asking its wealthier customers to, if they needed cash, to only make withdrawals under $10,000 so they would not have to be reported to the IRS by the bank. Rush saw no problem with this, so he complied with their request. There were many other customers who agreed to do this for the bank. Turns out the bank was in violation with the IRS, investigation ensued, $10 million fine was paid by the bank. No wrongdoing by anyone but the bank. Just a bogus accusation and an ""investigation"" that won''t turn anything up.

This is one of those crimes I can only aspire to commit one day.

Yeah this rates only as a jealousy crime. As in, ""It''s a crime that I can''t go take out $9,999 some thirty or forty times. Doesn''t negative one times count?""

As for liberal media bias...well yes and no.

Just as all politicians sell themselves for a living, and so become whore-like in some fashion, all media outlets pounce when they smell blood. I would assume more people would equate the media with leeches, than say sharks, since sharks are kind of cool. While others would say that I''m not being fair to the leeches.

Still. No blood here. fricking expensive was his drug habit? Holy crap.