\"Battlefield Vietnam\" will have no CTF, TDM

From Boomtown

Could BF: 'Nam be a lost cause already?

Edit: True, hardly anybody plays CTF and TDM in BF: 1942, but anytime you take away something, it ticks people off.

Seriously? Who plays BF:1942 in anything but Conquest mode?

I''m really shocked. And by that I admit that I''ve never played the CTF mode in Battlefield 1942. Not even once. (Well, and TDM is even less attractive.) Seeing how I spend more time with the mods than with the original game I don''t care that much anyway.

I haven''t played anything but Conquest...and the new game modes that they mention in that article will probably be better than CTF & TDM anyway. So it''s probably a good thing -- less fat, more meat...MMMMM. Meat.

This is an outrage! How can I refuse to play a mode that isn''t there!?!?!

Nothing spells fun more than taking a real-life war like Vietnam, making a game about it, and putting little flags in it for people to steal from each other.

The CTF mode in BF1942 was pretty fun. It added another layer of complexity because you could still seize spawn points a la Conquest mode in addition to trying to steal the flag. The big problem with it was engineers putting explosives all around their flag and waiting for someone to try and take it. You basically needed two people to seize a flag - one to die in the initial blast and the other to actually take the flag. Either that or run around a hostile base looking for the enemy engineer.

I don''t know if CTF is a loss but I would say TDM is.