American's eating habits set a bad example...

America must recognize that we are an example to the world. Now our bad eating habits have influenced other countries' dietary habits. Read this article about how the normal svelte Italians are now becoming big fat lazy Americans.

"It makes no sense, of course," Biagi says. "But everything comes from America: clothes, music, fat."

Shame on you, America, Shame!!!

This from the country that invented Alfredo?

It''s all a conspiracy by Ted Kennedy and his cronies. I mean, look at him. Don''t you''d think it be in that tubby liberal''s best interests to make everybody else fatter than him?

I love it...

""Gee, I''m getting fat...DAMN AMERICANS!""

one more thing...wait till places like Saudi Arabia and Pakistan start getting fat kids.
Then it will be:
""Gee, I''m getting fat...DAMN FAT INFIDEL AMERICANS!""

I have a hard time taking Italians seriously. I mean, they elected Berlusconi for god''s sake. Electing Bush pales into insignificance compared to that.

And anyone who chooses junk food over italian cuisine deserves all the fat they get, imho.

I agree. They do sell the best pizza in the world. If they choose a Quarter pounder over a slab of good ol'' pizza margarita, well...

I''m vaguely recalling a news story about eight or ten years ago about how the introduction of McDonald''s into Japan was causing the average height of Japanese children to increase by an inch or two, and that teenage acne (which had never been a problem) was becoming a ""serious problem"" for the same Big Mac snarfing Japanese kids.

Could be true. Who knows? It mostly damned funny at the time.

They had more body fat too.