Open Message to Terry McAuliffe...

Your time has come...

I have sat and watched silently as you and the Clintons have damaged my party. Through the 2000-2002-2003 electons, time and time again you have failed to inspire voters and let golden opportunities slip through our hands.

Now Dean is in the lead and you and the other "traditional Democrats" are running scared....

"But there is a growing sense of inevitability among many political observers that, barring some unforeseen event or revelation, Dr. Dean will win the Democratic nomination."

You hear that Mr. McAuliffe, it's the sound of inevitability. If Dean wins in 2004, Your pal Hillary won't be able to run until 2008, but Dean will of course be an incumbant, so she'll have to wait until 2012.
It's your move, Terry. Are you going to continue to foolishly underestimate Dean like the Republicans have? Or are you going to run your Golden Girl? We're ready for you.

Golden Girl? You mean like Bea Arthur?

She could always be his vice president...

Whats an electon? Is it like the poton and newtons? Should we open up a Science and Nature thread?

Hillary Clinton is evil. Howard Dean is evil and an idiot. Neither of them will ever touch the White House so long as the Grand Old Party controls Washington!

""Neither of them will ever touch the White House so long as the Grand Old Party controls Washington!""

Not if Dean has anything to say about it!

Seems that whatever Dean says lately is bound to offend people on both sides of the aisle. Maybe he''s being too honest.

Maybe he''s being too honest.

Hey I want Dean to gt the Democratic nominiation as much as the next guy, but honest? Hardly. Ask him about his statements on Social Security, Medicare, and affirmative action. Now that he''s running for president, he is disavowing his actual positions with dissembling that would do a Clinton proud.

Of course he''s being evasive. He''s a Democrat! In politics, you must have one position and one position only. Changing your mind is not allowed.

In politics, you must have one position and one position only. Changing your mind is not allowed.

There''s a difference between changing your mind and saying ""I never held that position"". Dean won''t admit he is wrong, even if it means flat out lying.

Dean''s an idiot. Don''t bother, Democrats, you wouldn''t want to deprive Vermont of a competent doctor, now would you?

Lawyeron...what the heck have you created? The Pandora''s Box of Sarcasm has been opened, and if I had not periodically flipped through the topics here...I might have come back and wondered what universe I had fallen into.

We now return you to your Dean Sarcasm (tm) moment.

For what it''s worth I think Dean has been faking to the left to get attention. His record in VT seems pretty centrist to me.

""His record in VT seems pretty centrist to me.""

Exactly. Now it seems that every state will have civil unions. Ho hum...

Nah, he''s a conservative just like Newt Gingrich. Dick Gephardt says so.

Wait a minute? He''s a Gingrich conservative? Why didn''t anybody tell me this before?

Lawyeron, centrist for a democrat means fiscally moderate to conservative, and socially moderate to liberal. Meaning ""tax and spend"" isn''t something they like, but say hospital visitation and wrongful death suit rights for gay couples is a good thing. Thankfully for your Dean aspirations, a Senator like Lieberman is about as charming as a tax report. Surely knowing so much about Dean you know how he had great record on keeping VT budget balanced. And you''ll want to take some of the civil union credit off him when addressing a conservative crowd by noting the VT supreme court said, ""do something or we will."" and the VT legislature came up with ""civil unions"" and Dean originally didn''t like it at all, but eventually was persuaded it was important to secure the rights of gay Vermonters.

Or is it all sarcasm and no digging into his record?

Are you seriously going to debate me on whether Dean is a liberal or conservative? ""civil unions"" is something Dean has trumpeted on more than one occasion, particularly when he was accused of making a racist statement. He has not distanced himself from that policy.

As far as keeping Vermont''s budget balanced, is that really such a great feat? Isn''t that state the size of a peanut? What kind of welfare class do they support in Vermont?