Sniper Muhammad found guilty

on all four counts. Living here in ole Virginny, I breathe a sigh of relief. Hopefully the sentencing will fit the crime. Any thoughts?

He''ll be put to death. I will be utterly shocked to see any other outcome.

The death penalty is the only proper punishment. I wouldn''t doubt that a Virginia jury, threatened by this man, would do any less.

I would assume since everyone is mentioning it that Virginia does have the death penalty?

Yes, but it involves beating somebody to death with rotten fish. They really need to get a new execution method.

Do the fish have laser beams?

I believe that''s ""frickin'' lasers"", fang.

At one time, we were just behind Texas in executions.

6.5 hours for the Jury to give out the guilty verdict....thats not too long. If he gets anything other then lethal injection, I''ll be very very surprised.

That two people could so terrorize such a large area was pretty scary. Here''s hoping his appeals don''t take 12 years.