Justice Roy Moore removed from office

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Hey, you defy the law, you get punished. It's that simple.

I don''t think this is an issue of his putting the monument in there in the first place, but the way he presumed to know better than the law, his peers, or the State of Alabama after the fact. Some will interpret this as punishment for his faith, which is patently ridiculous. This guy decided if he didn''t like how fellow justices interpreted the law, then he didn''t have to follow it.

He deserves to be removed for his actions. This is not about religion.

It''s about the ""rule of law"" the Republicans like to bandy about so much. If Judges don''t comply with Court orders, the whole system will break down!
Also, it''s not like ""God''s"" law should be placed any higher or be given any more authority than man''s. Good riddance! (to the monument and the judge)

At least now I''ll be able to cite an instance of a judge being deemed unfit for his position.

While I do admire a person who stands up for his (or her) moral convictions, I think this was the only outcome that I could see that I would agree with.

What implications does this have on our society?

It appears Judge Moore might take this as far as it can go i.e. question why our money has ""IN God We Trust"" written on it, other religious monuments placed in Local, State, or Federal structures, or the question: do our laws have a moral foundation?

Obviously my question is somewhat simplistic, but I do wonder what direction the US is headed.

Dont get into a tizzy about whether people should be offended about ""In God We Trust"" on money.

Look on a dollar bill. Note the words ""Novus Ordo Seclorum"".

It means, ""New Secular Order"". So our one dollar bill is a paradox. Anytime someone wants to make a big deal about ""In God We Trust"" smile and allow yourself a little giggle, since you know better.

""Novus Ordo Seclorum""


The new Random House unabridged dictionary says that this Latin phrase means ""A new order of the ages (is born).""

That might mean Secular, but I am not sure.

Also, while you''ve got that dollar bill handy, look at the top of the same side of The Great Seal. ""Annuit coeptis"" is what you read. That means, ""He [God] has favored our undertakings.""

Well, I would be lead to believe that ""Novus Ordo Seclorum"" probably means ""The world and history begin with us.""

What implications does this have on our society?

None. It''s long been established that no man, regardless of his position in the government, is above the law. Moore''s removal has nothing to do with the monument. It has to do with his actions when ordered to have it removed. This removal only solidifies the understanding that even a chief justice is kept in check.

"Elysium" wrote:

None. It''s long been established that no man, regardless of his position in the government, is above the law.

Unless you''re the President of the United States or have the support of the Justice Department. Worked for Reagan, Clinton, Bush Jr....

Now thats interesting...

novus - new, fresh, young;
ordo - row, order/rank;
seculorum - the world/universe; secular/temporal/earthly/worldly affairs/cares/temptation;

In the book Angels and Demons, the prequel to the Da Vinci Code, they mention the bit about novus ordo seclorum on the dollar bill. The book states that it was put onto the dollar bill during FDR''s presidency. The book claims that one of FDR''s best friends, a high level mason and supposed member of the illuminati, told FDR to put it on the dollar bill. He told FDR it meant ""New Deal"" and the book alledges FDR''s friend intended it to mean ""New Secular Order"". Funny how it can also be translated into ""New World Order"".

Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh! You''re giving away the plot to Deus Ex 2!

annuit - designate w/nod, nod assent; indicate, declare; favor/smile on; agree to

coeptis - begin, commence, initiate; set foot on;

FDR was himself a member of the Illuminati. Look at the pyramid topped by the ""all seeing eye"" on the back of the dollar. Furthermore he took all the gold out of monetary circulation.

I might have to send this thread to Coast to Coast AM, George Noory might link it =)

FDR was himself a member of the Illuminati.

I saw it on the History Channel during Secret Societies week. They didn''t act like it was any big revelation.

Why shouldn''t they? The Illuminati run the History Channel.

The real Illuminati are the legions of lethargic, apathetic, morons who live in todays societies. Through their twisted patterns of idiocy and random behaviour, they are undermining any logical processes of human interaction and causing society to crumble. So, when you look outside and see a moron, know that this is the secret enemy that hides en-masse right under our noses!

That ... is the truth about the Illuminati.

I really want to see if I can trace the path of illumination outlined in the book. Galileo was a great man.

Ambigrams are fun too!

Apparently Bush Sr was a member of the Illuminati. Of course the flimsy proof being the ""10000 points of light coming together"" speach =)