(slightly OT) tech jobs moving to India rapidly


Just wanted to point this out. It might be of interest to some of us, I realize not everyone here works in the industry.

Tell me about it... I called Netgear tech-support/sales a month ago, I spent an hour telling them what is the difference between USB and 2.0, and what are micro-ATX chassis.

Well, i hate to see Jobs exported outside the US, i guess its all about profit in the United States.

I for one will attempt to only purchase items made/built and serviced by Americans.

I know that might not be based on sound economics but more so emotions.

I was a little weirded out when I called for tech support when I had problems with driver for an ethernet card, called in the middle of the night and ended up talking to someone in India. He was very helpful, very knowledgeable, and I felt like I should say ""wow thanks for staying up so late at night and helping me."" To which he responded it was not the middle of the night in India, where he was working.

So I''m not really saying anything for or against it, just that it surprised the crap out of me, so to speak.