1C: Maddox goes Western

Official press release within

A dynamic campaign system? Blimey, time to send the Jerries packing across the channel!

Do you actually read the front page of this site? :p

I did, but you didn''t have a link to the press release, which mentioned the dynamic campaign, which as simmers will tell you is an essential for sims these days.

I linked to the IL-2 Sturmovik website, which states:

The Battle of Britain (working title), following in the steps of IL-2, will be packed with even more historical realism and will use a new engine, a dynamic campaign system and new weather effects. It will take place in 1940 during the Battle of Britain and will allow players to fly for the British, German or Italian air forces.

But it wasn''t the offical press release!


8 years later, it's here! Well, on April 19th anyway.

Apparently no silly always-connected DRM this time.

Just pre-ordered it on steam. Now I think I need a new computer so that I can run it.