It's not just an American thing

Ugh. They should be suing the parents of the kids, not the video game company. I wonder who has more money, hmmm...

BTW, who do you think bought them the game in the first place? I bet the parents, even though it is clearly rated M, 17+ on the damn cover. The kids are 14 and 16, they are old enough to know they shouldn''t be shooting people. ""I did not mean to hurt anyone"" my ass, what the hell did he think would happen when he was firing bullets at people?

EDIT: Just saw this: ""He will also point to the Columbine High School massacre in Colorado in 1999, when Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold shot 13 people dead. Both boys were fans of the video game Doom, which has been used to train US soldiers in lethal combat.""

WTF is up with that? Aren''t MILLIONS of people ""fans of Doom""? Doom was made in what, 1994? Seriously now, soldiers using it to train? Give me a break! I hope this guy gets thrown out of court, but I sadly don''t believe that will happen.

I don''t worry to much about these things. We won''t end up with our videogames taken away from us.


Money rules, folks.

As long as videogames are bringing in the cash, we don''t have to worry to much about the censourship.

So whatever with these cases.

Yes, it does seem like a very flimsy case. 1 out of millions of Doom fans goes wacko and causes a death or two. Gee.

Compared to driving, or drinking it''s a very healthy ratio of death : user.