The Simpsons Hit and Run version differences?

Anyone found out yet what the differences are in the new Simpsons game between the three consoles? IGN has an article on the comparision but only under their Insider subscription. I have an Xbox and Gamecube and am not sure which one to buy.

They''ve really taken it to the last detail, with Fat Homer in the mumu and the Homer Car.

From the IGN head to head:

Simpsons: Hit and Run is a pretty straightforward title that offers up enjoyable, run-and-gun (the gas peddle, in this case) gameplay. You hit the road with your pink convertible and go just about anywhere in Springfield. The city is identical in all three versions. So, you''re not going to find a Krusty Burger on one console that is not on the others. It''s got the same shortcuts, the same interactive events, and all that good stuff that you''re looking for.

In other words, there''s no reason to fret over the possibility of lost features in gameplay. Hit and Run is equally playable on GameCube, PlayStation 2, and Xbox.

Winner: GameCube/PlayStation 2/Xbox (Tie)

Looks like you can''t lose, reading the whole article I got the impression that all versions are near identical.

Thanks Certis. From this IGN qoute spouting their Insider service:

Don''t know which version of Simpsons: Hit and Run to buy? We''re going to tell you in this point-by-point breakdown, which details the differences between the three consoles versions with side-by-side screenshots. Buy or rent smart. Read this now!

I wonder where I ever got the idea that there were differences in the various versions? And to think I actually went and looked how much a subscription was, I would have been pissed if I subscribed only to find I was totally misled with that crap. I''m really not liking IGN lately.

Universal truth:

You always pay in order to learn the important information.

I''m still waiting to see what players think of this game. It was one of those games I was really pumped up for...and though the other Simpson games have blown chucks, I''m lead to believe this is the one.....

I don''t care what anyone says, I like Simpsons Road Rage and know others who do as well. It''s not the most polished, but dad-bernit it''s fun.

The only things of note I read in the article was that the GC version''s audio sounds more compressed and the PS2 has a 50 second load time on boot-up. Meh. I''m still renting it first.

bc, I like Road Rage too and it''s my gf''s favorite game.