Commandos 3?

Has anyone ever played the Commandos series? I never have played any of them or even the demos. Are they fun? is it sorta like fallout tactics? That I did play and never really got into it...dunno not my cup of tea..

Though I am liking Final Fantasy Tactics on my GBA.

I wouldn''t really compare it to Fallout Tactics. It''s more like a mix of Metal Gear Solid and RTS. It''s about figuring out patterns and having a perfect timing. It''s about patience. I enjoyed the previous two games (quite difficult though), still, the third one is currently not on top of my priority list. What I liked about the C1&2 is that there often are several approaches to solve a certain problem. However, trial&error is involved quite often.

Commandos 1 was WAY hard compared to 2 but you''re right Spunior Patience is the key in those games, not bad games but not my faves due to failing huge levels at the last moment due to the wrong decision 10 minutes beforehand.