Sapphire 128 MB 9800SE

I am one of those people that can't afford to go out and buy the latest and greatest video cards, but I also want to have a card that can hold its own in some of the newest games. What I would like to know is this: Has anyone heard of a 9800SE and if you have, do you know if it is any good? I never got a 9700 pro because they stayed at around $230 when they got to their lowest, and I really wanted to get one but they never quite got to my price range. I found this and it is really tempting me.

I wanted to see if anyone knew if it was a poor excuse for a 9800 or if it is actually halfway decent. If it performs similar to a 9700 pro I would be all over it, but if it is more like a 9600 I think I'll wait. I know a 9600 is better than a GF4 TI4600, but I don't think it's really so much better that I need to fork out $190 for the minor improvement.

The 9800SE only has four pipelines enabled, versus the eight of the other 9800 series. People say the performance is similar to a 9600 pro.

Dang... well that just sucks.

From what I''ve gathered hunting down a Radeon 9700 Pro may not be a bad way to go, a little tougher to find mind you.

"Tobyus" wrote:

Dang... well that just sucks.

Do some digging around.. I believe that a driver hack will enable the missing pipelines.


Honestly your best bet is to try and pick up a used 9700 Pro for around $170ish...

FWIW, the price/performance ratio shown on the Half-Life 2 Performance Test charts showed that a 9600 Pro was the best value for the money by a *long* shot (though the tests didn''t include the 9700 Pro). They go for around $150 last time I checked.

Check it out here.

My 9600 Pro should be arriving any day now :D. I thought about the 9700, but went for longer life over the slight edge in performance.

Get 9500 Pro. Only a little more than the 9600 Pro and much better results. Plus it''s supposedly easy to overclock to a 9700 Pro. In the reviews I''ve been reading while shopping for a card recently some people have had some negative things to say about Sapphire (don''t remember what specifically), so you may want to look at a different brand.

Sapphire is fine.. they make all of ATI''s OEM boards.

Like anything sold in quantity you''ll always get some bitching