The Big Week

Jedi Academy

Homeworld 2

Temple of Elemental Evil

Which are you getting?

Temple of Elemental Evil baby! I''m dying to get my hands on this. A true turn based rpg has been a long time coming. I don''t count the poop that was Pool of Radiance: Ruins of Myth Drannor.

I''m undecided at the moment about Jedi Academy. I''ll probably end up getting it eventually, but I doubt it will be any time soon.

The thing with FPSs are that they are here and gone just like that. I''m getting JA first (free 1-day shipping and no sales tax!) and eventually HW2 once the mods start appearing. ToEE I''m waiting on for more word of mouth and reviews.

Temple of Elemental Evil, if any. I''ve no real interest in the others, to be honest, but ToEE is looking better and better the more I read about it. Pity it won''t be out here for ages though. Oh well. At least it''ll force me to wait for the reviews.

Temple of Elemental Evil looks cool, but i''ll wait for the review first considering what has happened with Lionheart.

Temple of Elemental Evil looks cool, but i''ll wait for the review first considering what has happened with Lionheart.

No kidding... I''ve seen WAY too many previews gushing over a title (PC Gamer''s preview for ""Enter the Matrix"", I''m looking at you!), followed by a lukewarm-to-horrible review from the that magazine/site the next month. Reviews, I trust. Previews... not so much.

Homeworld 2. The demo left me feeling all tingly so I''ll probably buy it. Whether or not I get it in a store or through gogamer remains to be seen, because I feel rather guilty paying $50 for a game at this point.

I''ll have my hands full with JA and ToEE that I dont think I''ll be getting Homeworld 2.

Funny that Ratboy mentioned 3 lightsabers before. THere is a bug in the beta. I solved it the first time through with 2 sabers. THe second time through I chose the double bladed one. Now, when I reload a checkpoint it gets confused. So I am now dual wielding. In one hand I have the double bladed light saber and in the other I have a single blade of the same color. Muahahaha, they dont stand a chance! (If only I could dual wield double bladed light sabers!)

Saved games where sorta messed up in the beta, when I got to around a 75 or 100 I had to go through and clear all the old saves because I had a number of saves that would only reload very old check points even though they where time stamped right next to ones at the end of a level, and it would keep doing it. Weird stuff but I''m sure it''s fixed in retail.

Wonder how long it will take the mod community to one up them and do double stave''s :).

ToEE for sure.. D&D Heroes is a strong maybe.. any reviews yet?