Sunday Night CS reminder

A reminder for those of you who ignore your forum duties over the weekend that we'll be trying to organize another round of Counter-Strike this Sunday at around 8:00 CST. There's no better way to play CS than on a server with people you know, and who can boot any trouble makers, so join in!

and who can boot any trouble makers, so join in!

yes it''s a good job Raven Shield didn''t have the kick team killer for the next round last night!

I''ll be there on sunday and hopefully we''ll have Teamspeak up as well

So are you gonna try version 1.6 to test the Steam unveiling?

I think we should try the latest version, I know for sure Fileplanet has the Counter-Strike/Half-Life update as a seperate download if Steam isn''t working.

Why try the update? Is it going to give us new options or something? If it means having to connect through steam I am NOT in.


Don''t knock it until you tried it you big sissy.

"Certis" wrote:

Don''t knock it until you tried it you big sissy.

I''ve tried it. KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK.
My experience with Steam today pretty much explained why we aren''t driving around in steam powered cars munching on hot pockets we cooked in our steam powered ovens.

Are we playing tonight? I''ve got a wicked cold but I was still planning to play for a little while.

We''d better go with vers. 1.5 because as Sway says, Steam is a Steaming pile.

I''m on Ral''s TeamSpeak server -
Password: stan

Hey all, I *meant* to say that I was out of town for a wedding and got back later last night. So, uh, yeah. You guys played, right? Was it a good time?

We played, but we were all having technical issues and the server, itself, seemed to be a bit laggy now and then. It was a short night. Usually we need at least five or six people to start attracting randoms from the ''Net. Only one joined us last night and it was right at the end.

Better luck next week I hope.

Aww nuts, sorry guys. Maybe I need to reboot the server and/or look into the connection again. I promise, fun next sunday.

Yeah the server caused some quite ""hilarious"" deaths for me!

after gunning down 2 of the CT''s with only gaald left I get a connection problem which leaves me unable to move or shoot and I see Gaald gun down Sway and turn around and look at my stuck figure...Much hilarity ensued on Teamspeak as I was swearing at my PC as gald calmly trotted up to me and shot me!

I left shortly after the second occurence of this!

OK, so it was acting whack. Was it laggy as well, or just strange crap like that?

I think the lag was causing my stickiness as I did eventually suddenly warp half way across a level the distance of the warp corresponded to the amount of times I mashed the W button with my fist in frustration! Although why Gaald was still able to move and I wasn''t still is unknown.

HOLY CRAP! Talk about a LONG wait to downlaod on file planet, I ain''t downloading that size of file! Sorry but I think I''ll just stick with CS 1.5 right now although I notice thge latest HL patch comes bundled with all the STEAM crap....I wonder can you get the patch without having all the STEAM clientware

Sorry i''m missing out on sunday night CS. Will try to at least be there for...a very short time. Back in school now and nothing like rehearsal sunday night from 6:30pm to 9pm, drive home for half-hour, then goto sleep 1 hour later (10:30 est), so''s I can wake up to the merry sounds of 8am trumpet/trombone class. But really...this is what I want to do.

Next monday''s class is cancelled (something about 3/4 of class being in marching band and still on a bus) so maybe I can see you all next sunday. Really just want to show my love and support by blowing many of your heads off. But I mean that in a nice way. Really.