GameSpy does Homeworld 2

From GameSpy

Wow, I thought with all that hoopla it would score higher.

And yes, I played the demo and I love it.

Same here. I can''t read the review because it is blocked. What is the score?

To quote them:

Score: 83
Very Good
The Lowdown:
The epic continues, albeit extremely challenging and a bit too familiar.
Pros: Beautiful graphics; epic storyline; addictive gameplay.
Cons: Difficult to the point of frustration; not many advances over the original.

Hmm, difficult. That could be rough on a Homeworld noob like myself then.

I''ll admit, I had a hard time taking on a trio of Standard-difficulty opponents. I''d hate to think how bad the Hard opponents would be.

CPU fights don''t count, it cheats :). I played head to head the oater night with a friend (started with gspy but as usual it was broken so then we did direct ip which worked fine even though we are both NATed). We had great time, he got at the end with a mad rush of torpedo ships :p.

What I worry about when they say hard is that instead of a stand up fight it will be lots of bs missions like in Cat where you would get torpedo''s raining down on your ship and you had to shoot them down in a fixed pattern, stuff like that is hard and has never really floated my boat (to adventure gameish). Or lots of highly restricted resource levels, I always hate those, most of the fun in this type of game is building those insanely large armada''s.