Saw a clip of Horizon's on G4TV

Last night when I was about to go play my last night of my trial of AC2 I heard some words come from the television in the living room that caught my ear. I heard some races being named off and I recognized them as being the races in Horizon's. I quickly turned around and went back into the living room to see what was happening.

They were showing the character creation and a few in game clips from Horizon's! I was so pumped, the character creation looks awesome...there was a hallway with some alcoves off to the side with each race standing there in a small area representing their natural environment. I can't describe it to give it justice, but it was awesome. The thing that worried me though, was the in-game clips that were shown. I saw at least one, possibly more scenes where the animations were chunking pretty bad. It made me think "if their computer can't handle it, mine is going to choke on it so bad, I'll have to get a whole new computer."

I know that there is someone around here...perhaps a certain Horizon's pimp who may be able to calm my fears and tell me if this is something I need to worry about or if it was just an earlier clip from before when some things had not yet been optimized.

I think I saw the same thing on G4, right? Yeah, I stopped and watched as well, and I wouldn''t get too worked up. Don''t forget that a game at this level of beta (though I can''t actually say from personal experience) still has plenty of visual optimization to go through. I think that footage is a touch old, as well, so you''re not really looking at a solid final product there.

I must admit, and not just because we have our own cheerleader here, my interest is piqued again at Horizons the more I read about it.


Arghhhhhh! You and your evil laugh!

I need to watch G4tv. What show was it on?

I saw it on an episode of ''Portal''. An abysmal show in general, I''m afraid.

Yeah, I caught it on Portal too. It was just coming on and I was about to head off to play my last night of AC2 and I heard those races being named off. As soon as the clip of Horizon''s was done though I headed back to the pc Portal is handy for getting a look at in game footage of some of the more popular MMO''s, but it''s more or less a soap most of the time.

EQ bad, Horizons gooood. Oops, wrong site.

No. Right site.

"Ulairi" wrote:

No. Right site. :)

Of course, if we had seen a beta, we could chime right in and agree right about now...