Thursday Night Raven Shield (9/11)

I can't think of a better day to reflect and cap some terrorist hiney.

Who's with me??

In. Can we change up some of the maps? I''ve been playing through the single player and on some pubs and there are some pretty cool maps we are missing from our rotation.

Funny you should mention that, Map Pack 3 was just released!

Get it here!

Planning to make it tonight.

Nice! Also grab the RavenShield 1.41 patch:

Whoo! I''m all for killing stuff. New maps would be great too, I''ll be there. Is ral''s server going to be up and patched?

Yes I too am looking forward to some Terrorist killing action! hopefully Teamspeak will be working tonight (unlike Sunday) cause it''s just not the same without it. Even better with new maps and all too! Excellent!

Team Speak will be up - and I am patching the server, including new map pack, now. More info as we get closer to go-time...

EEEK! ok can anyone post me links to the GWJ shoulder patch and the mappacks I''ll need as the new patch won''t work with my old install (probably becasue of last weeks emergency no CD crack) so I''m now hvaing to download everything and repatch remap etc. It sucks!

EDIT BTW Found the GWJ armpatch, Subway V1.2 and Map Pack 3; Do I have to have the earlier mappacks or does Map pack 3 replace Map pack 2?

Map Pack 2 is seperate Keg, check it out here:

Thanks Certis!

All right - servers are up:

Raven Shield:
Password: ral

Team Speak:
Password: stan

gg, several rounds of teamkilling and taunting Sway about his box. Great night.

Yeah that was awesome! that swimming pool level was pretty cool had we actaully managed to make it apst the front door without killing eaach other! Well I''m looking forward to Sunday Night now so as I can cap lots of you in the ass again! Muhahaha!