Happy Belated Birthday, Dreamcast

Well, yesterday marked the birthday of the ill-fated Dreamcast. 9/9/99

I still remember NFL2K making my jaw drop. *sniffle*

Or Soul Calibur. Sonic Adventure was pretty damn impressive. *sigh*. Those were the days. The DC is the main reason I play consoles now, before that I was a PC only man. Soul Calibur changed my mind, so so tasty.

I remember I decided to rent a Dreamcast, Soul Calibur and Sonic Adventre at one of the last places you could rent consoles in order to try out this console thing everybody was raving about. I was so hooked I barely slept and did nothing but play as much as possible. I didn''t have a memory card so I left the unit on until I beat each game with a big note on top that said ""DO NOT TURN OFF! I AM SERIOUS!"" I still think the only thing that saved my game was the fact that nobody bothered to read it.

I loved my Dreamcast, great memories. I remember sitting in the movie theater watching previews and there was a commercial that had clips of NFL2K1 and I looked over at my friend and said ""The future of console 3d graphics is upon us"" Yes, cheesy but true in many ways.

My Dreamcast is still beinf requently used at our multiplayer sessions thanks to Virtua Tennis 1&2, ChuChu Rocket and the like. It''s a shame no Panzer Dragoon, Shining Force or Dragon Force game was released on the system.

The Dreamcast was the first Sega system I ever purchased. I loved it; there were even more quirky and experimental niche titles on it than there are on the Gamecube!

It was a system that honestly was ahead of its time. I honestly think it was a better system than the PS2, but unfortunately marketing and reputation are what resulted in the PS2 killing the Dreamcast.

I still play it frequently, in particular for Soul Caliber, though several other games find themselves in my Dreamcast.

If only I could find some of those maracas and Samba del Amigo... *sigh*