Icy Chair

Any of you guys playing Frozen Throne?

I just picked it up yesterday because of renewed interest in making an RPG mod for WC3.

I like it alot. I'm wondering if the bonus campaign is more like what they wanted the original WC3 to be before they made it more of a standard fare RTS. The style of the bonus campaign is basically Diablocraft so far. (damn blizzard stealing most of my mod ideas!) Its pretty fun. I would be surprised if Diablo 3 werent using some version of this engine. (whats taking you so dam long then eh, Blizz?)

Oh did I mention that the realtime model of the Night Elf archer on the campaign screen is WAY HOT! Wow what a great model! Holy crap if WoW 2.0 has characters like that!

Oops! Forgot to mention you can mod the sh*t out of everything. Custom spells, units and AI for example!

I''ve been meaning to pick it up, but I still haven''t finished the original SP campaign...

The bonus campaign just felt too linear to me. Maybe Baldur''s Gate et al spoiled me, but if you''re going to call something a CRPG, give me some choices other than ""kill group A or group B first.""

I guess I should hold final judgement until after I see the second installment. It should be avaible in the next month or two. I wonder how much it''ll cost...

I just got it from gogamer madness today

you can''t beat 9.95 for divine divinity and 19.95 for frozen throne.

Is there a W3+Expansion pack for sale anywhere?

I just finished the bonus campaign last night. Oh man, it leaves ya wanting more. Ya I know its a bunch of kill tasks with some fetch quests that you kill stuff on the way. With some effort and some intense scripting you can do alternate solutions. In the Sentinel campaign there is a level where you have to escape a collapsing dungeon. If you fight your way out you wont get even halfway. Its very maze-like and has lots of hidden alcoves that you must use the Wardens blink ability. The level design is complicated but overall well done. Im using this example as proof that if Blizzard wanted to make a Baldur''s Craft, they have the capability.

IMHO the bonus campaign if extended to 40 or more hours of gameplay (possibility since future chapters [2&3] are free downloads) is better than NWN.