Xbox Magazine current issue disk

Well, I just got this yesterday, and have played all of the demos but one. The demo that won't play is Metal Arms. It gets to the loading screen, and just sits there after you pick your view options. Is it just my disk, or are other people having this problem? I checked the OXM board (or at least tried to), but they're conveniently 'down for server upgrades.'

my local EB always gets their OXM''s late... doh me

One_of_47, are you referring to the official Xbox Magazine? If that''s the case, I just go my... can''t try the disk until tomorrow though.

Yep, Nei, that''s what I was referring to.

is this the disc with voodoo vince demo? If so do you like the game so far? Can you post what demos are on the disc please?

Yep, Chrisg, the one with Voodoo Vince, which looks VERY charming. I''ll think I''ll be picking up that one. Anyways, the other demos are Midtown Madness 3, ESPN NHL Hockey, Metal Arms (which I still can''t get to work...argh!), Dino Crisis 3 (which though looks cool has the worst camera system EVER), and Outlaw Volleyball.
The disk also has some game downloads: Timesplitters 2 (new map made by one of the editors), Splinter Cell (save game which lets you choose any level in hard mode and a few spots near the end of the game), Panzer Dragoon Orta (save game that unlocks EVERYTHING), Gunvalkrie (save game with access to every level in the game, including boss battles), and Enclave (save game with access to every level in the game on the dark campain with all of the gold found, and some hidden characters as well).

Hope that helps!

One_of_47 you may have gotten damaged disk, because I just tried to load Metal Arms and it worked fine. However you mentioned that it sits at the loading screen... leave it for a while, because it loads really slowly. Yet, the game runs smoothly...

thanks for the info. The voodoo vince demo really interests me. I''ll see if I can get a hold of the disc.

Nei, thanks. I tried it again, and left it to load, and it did finally load, but only after several minutes of just sitting there...I certainly hope they work on the load times for the actual release, or there will be a lot of unhappy people. I''m not usually bothered by slow load times, but when A. the screen gives me no indication of what is going on and B. I have enough time to go grab a smoke and make a sandwich, I do find myself a little bothered. At any rate, thanks again, Nei!

Glad that helped, Chrisg!

Yeah one of 47 it''s just a bad disk, mine didn''t take long at all.

Really good demo disk this month. Lots of great stuff to play

Except Dino Crises. What a disappointment. Why did they even bother putting the demo on there? Do they want to scare people away?

Voodoo is very charming.
Metal arms was fun fun fun with cool destruction.
Outlaw volleyball was cool (wife would kill me if I bought it, though).
Panzar save game download, thanks much.
Few movies I haven''t seen.

Getting ready to check out ESPN hockey.