So? Soul Calibur 2 Thoughts?

I got it. Did you? Or have you already been playing the import forever?

I'm enjoying it so far. I logged in about 6 hours according to the stats. I've got the Cube version and, while Link is fun to play, I already played him out in Super Smash Bros, so I usually pick someone else. The graphics are pretty jaw-dropping when I think back to my first Virtua Fighter at the arcade experience. I mean, these real-time graphics are better than the pre-rendered ending movies in Tekken.

Here's a quick you have to beat the arcade mode without continuing at all in order to get your time saved in the stats? I've beat arcade mode with three different characters so far, and the records all seem to stand at the defaults.

So how about you? Any thoughts or impressions so far? I'm especially curious to hear from those of you who are the fighter addicts that I see when I sneak those quick glances in the arcade while my wife and I are walking by to go look at towels or something.

My copy should be arriving today, I plan to play it like crazy until Raven Shield starts and then I plan to kill you all like crazy.

And then I''ll play Soul Calibur 2 like crazy again.

I was bummed that it you can''t play it over live but I guess maybe it needs to short a latency.

It is awesome! Me love the game long time!

I''m also playing F-Zero which is fantastic.

Well despite of the lack live support I picked SC2 up, I have to agree with everyone else who is gushing. This is without a doubt so far the most fun I have had with any xbox game. It is drop dead gorgeous, has very smooth play and is a hell of a lot of fun... I stayed up until 3AM playing the weapon master campaign, and don''t regret a moment of it.

I hate console fighters, and yet I love Soul Calibur 2. Elysia even likes it. She calls it the ''get up and fight, bitch'' game, for reasons which bring me mirth to no end.

Well I got a chance to play it with Certis yesterday afternoon. I can honestly say I button mashed my way to victory a couple of times playing the arcade mode and even bitch slaped Certis in a few button mash wars. Than he chose a character he knew how to play and seriously handed me my ass!

I''ll have to rent it, see if I can get the wife into it. She was big into Tekken 3, but I could never quite get her into VF4. She played some, but not near as much. In terms of being a technical game (requiring a lot of technical skill to play), rumour has it that SC2 is closer to Tekken than Virtua Fighter; is that accurate? That would certainly help...


I wouls say that is the case, franky my cat could probable woop my ass in SC2 by mashing the buttons, although I''m begining to see a whole different plane with how your moves interact with distancing.

Weapon master mode is great fun, the different weapons are all pretty fun until you get the ""uber"" weapon, then they all become instantly useless.

I haven''t seen as much artwork to collect, which is a disappointment. I really loved saving up those 70 bazillion points in SC to get the poster gallery and fan art galleries. Maybe I can find some more artwork to unlock though. I still beat the weapon master mode just to play through it though, as it is really pretty fun.

All the graphics are excellent, the women have bodies as detailed as DOA:Porn and yet the rest of the environement keeps up in detail. The costumes, weapons and stages are all beautiful, I think it lives up to the legacy of the first in that regard.

The fighting system is as solid as ever, the new guarding/parrying stuff adds enough depth to keep it fresh. There are very few new fighters. Most of them are sorta-copies of fighters from the first ones, which sucks since you can unlock the fighters from the first game. Necrid sucks, I just don''t like him at all. Spawn is awesome though, in fact I think he borders on cheap against the computer. I have yet to get some multiplayer on.

Anybody else notice all the fanservice that crept into this one? I remember it was pretty damn hard to figure out what color panties Sophitia was wearing in the first one (I was in college, what else was I gonna do :)), in this one they do everything but shove their crotch in the camera. Actually wait Taki does that several times with her finishing moves, nevermind. When I saw Taki''s ending I thought her nipples were posessed. At least they didn''t model the breast physics after DOA.

*edit* I just looked over this post and realized it sounded negative. I want to add that I f*cking love this game. Whoo!

I gotta agree with Pyro: I f*cking love this game! The combat is beautiful and fluid, the characters are varied (to some degree, at least), and the Weapon Master mode is great. There are a bunch of things to collect (including poster galleries and hi-res images - available at some points in the Weapon Master mode), and while there''s only so much variance you can have with the whole ""2 people fighting in a ring"", the developers seem to have gotten pretty imaginative with the fight scenarios (the bomb ''hot potato'' fights are my favourites so far ). Pyro, how many times did you play through the Weapon Master missions?

Heihachi is an interesting addition - he kinda sticks out, but he''s fun to mess around with. I haven''t played much with him, so I don''t know if he''s any good or not, but the nostalgia factor is pretty high.

Even the wife plays with me, so I''m a pretty happy guy. She''s getting to the point where now every now and then she kicks my ass without me letting her...


I played through every weapon master mission at least twice, the entire map is blue, and I unlocked all the subchapters and extra missions. I haven''t bought everything yet because I ran out of gold though.

Where did you find the poster gallery? All I found were hi-res, illistruations and another gallery, and from what I can tell that is all there is. There were like 20 something in the original

Um ... okay. I haven''t played Weapons Master mode THAT MUCH, and everyone here at work is saying that that must be my problem.

But honestly folks, really I''m not just saying this to make trouble, I think the game should have been called SC 1.5.

Don''t hit me! It''s just an opinon!

I don''t see much difference from the first one. As far as graphics go, Mortal Combat has better graphics, and DOA has better graphics than both of them put together.

Low polycount, FAKED weighted vertexs (clothing and hair is animated, not using formulas), little to no enviromental effects.

It''s got better texture resolutions and I THINK the spectural lighting is improved, but that''s about it. 80% of the animation is from the first game.

Now don''t get me wrong, I was a huge SC fan when it came out on the Dreamcast, I''m just not as impressed as I thought I would be with the new one.

It''s a great game, yes, but the graphics aren''t that impressive, and as far as improvements go I''m just not seeing enough to call it SC 2.

It''s SC 1.5 IMO.

I can''t really see how you''re saying low poly count. Granted I''ve only played the XBox version but have you actually sat down and compared the DCast version and SC2 side by side? The poly counts are greatly improved.

It''s definately more of the same. I wouldn''t go as far as SC 1.5 but it''s nothing revolutionary like the first one was, I agree with you there. I just enjoy more of the same sometimes It''s not as good as the first one, but in reality there''s no way it could be so I don''t hold it against it.

I was going to wait until I cleared out F-Zero before buying SC2, but then one of my friends dropped by with the game after we got off of work.

I bought it the next afternoon. I absolutely love it, since I played SC 1 to death on my Dreamcast. There''s just enough new to make it fun all over again, and I particularly love the weapon collecting aspect. Not all of the weapons are that useful, but they''re still fun to play around with.

I''m a multi-console owner, and decided to go with the Gamecube version. The X-Box and GC versions are virtually identical, both offer 16:9 progressive scan, and both control very well, so it came down to the extras. I dig Link more than Spawn, so there ya go.

Speaking of F-Zero, I''m absolutely loving that game, too. I love the challenge: novice and standard weren''t too tough, but Expert''s kicking my butt now. It''s great; not enough games are challenging anymore. Maybe I''m masochistic; it''s the same reason I love Ikaruga so much!

I was actually kind of disappointed with Spawn... I don''t get why they didn''t do his cape, that is frankly the coolest thing about him IMO.

All in all, I think I''m probably lucky that I missed out on SC1 for the most part. Only one friend of mine had a DC, so I got to play a little, but not much. As such, SC2 is all shiny and new, and it''s an impressive game - probably more so without trying to compare it to the first one.

Geez - I never thought I''d be happy to miss a good game...


No cape for Spawn?!

Well, now I definitely don''t regret on passing the X-Box version.

In all seriousness, I''m curious how they did Spawn''s moves in the game. While I enjoy having Link, I''m just not finding as much depth in his combat repertoire as the other combatants. Not that he doesn''t have variety, but when comparing the various combat moves that Link has at his disposal compared to the others, he is a bit easier to predict.

I find that Sophitia is unfortunately victim to this as well; she was my favorite in the first Soul Caliber, but this time it doesn''t appear that they fully developed a combat repertoire for her. Cassandra, her younger sister, has a greater selection of moves!