Puzzle Pirates finally a good mmrpg?

I havent seen anything in the forums about this,
but if you havent checked it out you probably should.


The idea is simple. Game tasks are done by doing puzzles.
For example when you fight(either another pirate, a ship vs ship battle or npc's), you play super puzzle fighter against them.
Theres other puzzles for the other tasks(sailing - strange falling block puzzle, navigation-a tetris type game, bilging-bejeweled, they are soon to have crafting puzzles also).
You can own islands, shops, ships and all of that neat stuff.
It really is a refreshing take on the whole mmrpg genre, and I would recommend people to check it out while its in free beta.

Heres the official bullited list from their site since im sure im not doing it justice:

Yohoho! brings fun Puzzle games into a persistent world game.
A Thousand Pirates or more sail the Ocean. Are they with ye, or against ye?
A full new Pirate introduction to shake the landlubber out of yer.
Pirates. Everybody loves Pirates.
Intuitive, simple and eye-catching user interface.
Pirates can explore Ports, sail and battle at Sea, and engage in commerce.
Sailing a voyage is a team venture, each Pirate performs their Puzzle Duty and shares in the booty.
A host of nine fine Puzzles, with many more to come.
A vast and exhilarating Ocean world of islands and archipelagoes.
Join a Crew of fellow Pirates, or form your own and be Captain.
Join with other Crews beneath the same Flag so that ye may together perform greater deeds.
Easy communication between Pirates, Crews and Flags.
Colonize an untouched Island and develop it into a thriving Pirate mecca.
Trade, allowing Merchants to develop businesses and trade in Commodities.
Strong player vs. player gameplay with appropriate controls to ensure fun for all parties.
A good player experience with proper support, live in-game participation and gameplay creation by the live team.
Regular ongoing additions; new Puzzles, Adventure Islands, Houses and more.
Treasure: Gold, Jewels, Artifacts. Every Pirate loves Treasure. [/list:u:7d2a332203]

It is a good game but not something I''d spend a lot of time in.

Little to isometric for me, if I where going to wonder off the beaten path I would probable play UOLX or somthing... still I like the attempt at inovation through combing the different game arch types.

Avast, ye puzzley mateys!

Would anyone be interested in some lighthearted goofy puzzling on the high seas with voice chat? I had forgotten all about Puzzle Pirates until it got mentioned on another thread, and as soon as it was mentioned, I had to reinstall.

Why isn't this on mobile? Seems a huge miss. Guess it wasn't designed for mobile and would require a huge investment.

Much like this website, it was about before mobile was really a thing

Yes, I would like to puzzle. Will look at reinstall and check in on which ocean to join!

I'm on the Meridian ocean, but I literally just created my character today so I have no attachment, if there's one that others are using.

Oh wow, this is still running? I got fairly addicted to it around ten years ago or so

Your forum tag is BILGE CAT...join us, ye scallewag!
I am "Meebs" on Meridian!

I'm "Merphle" on Meridian. How the heck do we become friends/hearties?

I wonder if my account still exists .
Hmm, what email did I use?

lunchbox12682 wrote:

I wonder if my account still exists .
Hmm, what email did I use?

Probably your AOL acct.

I tried out the steam version, but there were only 2 or 3 other players on. Are you all on that client or a different one? Type /who in chat to see how busy the server is.

Edit: found the server status: http://www.puzzlepirates.com/status....

Emerald and Cerulean are where the action is.

I've got pirates in every sea! Emerald seems to be most popular, so I'll switch to over there. I'm itchin' to puzzle.
Edit: Named 'Meebics.'

One of our old forum members worked on this. I’ll see if I can remember his tag. He moved on from the company years ago, I think. Georob maybe? My partner still plays this I think. Time to reinstall.

Alright, I've re-created as "Merphie" on Emerald.

Amoebic wrote:

I'm itchin' to puzzle.

Tha' may be scurvy, ye landlubber!

I couldn't get it running last night, so I'll have to work on that some more.

I was finally able to download it today but no idea when I'll actually play it lol

Install the latest Java first: https://www.java.com/en/download/win...
Then download and install the puzzle pirates client: http://www.puzzlepirates.com/downloa...

It is the most 90s game you'll probably ever play.

As far as I can tell, you can't make someone your hearty unless you are both online together. You have to meet in the same spot (inn, shop, dock, boat, whatever) and click on their avatar to ask permission to make them your hearty. We'll need to pick a common meetup time and spot to all make friends. Or try to get into the same crew/flag.

Player info pages are pretty cool: http://emerald.puzzlepirates.com/yow...

Mixolyde wrote:

Player info pages are pretty cool: http://emerald.puzzlepirates.com/yow...

Did you get all of that today?!

merphle wrote:
Mixolyde wrote:

Player info pages are pretty cool: http://emerald.puzzlepirates.com/yow...

Did you get all of that today?!

Oh good lord no. I have played YPP off and on since it first came out. This is just a character that I created when they went F2P and login with once in a while to see changes and new puzzles.
Most of those trophies are just annual rewards. 13 years!

You can type '/who NAME' in the chat bar to get info on someone and see if they are online.

Yarr!! I'm in maties!!