10 major flops !!


LOL, I almost forgot about Howard the Duck.

Gigli will be on this list soon.

Man I thought Hudson Hawk was great! I still rent it again every now and than. Really funny movie!

I haven''t seen any of the movies on that list in thier entirety. I''ve watched a good chunk of the Postman because it is supposed to be based on a sci-fi short story which is actually good. Good thing I haven''t read that short story or I would probably have punched Kevin Costner in the face.

Dollar-wise, it''s easy to see how Pluto Nash is the biggest turkey of them all. At least Gigli got some press out of the flop, which generated some box office dollars; nobody gave jack crap when Pluto crashed down to earth.

I thought The Postman was a decent movie, same with Waterworld. But they both always get bashed.