NFL fines Detroit

This has to be one of the most idiotic things I have heard in a while.

The league''s official new name: National Cave-In to P.C Thugs League

Sadly, I''ll still have to watch NCIPCTL Sunday Ticket...


Listen, I''m all for making sure that minorities have equal opportunity for jobs, but this is patently stupid.

This is moronic. Everyone knew that he was going to the Lions and we here in No Cal are glad.

You''d rather have Dennis Erickson?

You''d rather have Dennis Erickson?


I liked Mooch, but the perspective of a player/coach is so much different out of the players/coaches market.

Like Bill Parcells. The Rat!

Actually, they didn''t fine the team, the fined Millen personally. 200k out of pocket, ouch!

I agree, very stupid. What, they should just bring in other guys that have no shot at being hired because they already picked Mooch.