Age of Wonder Shadow Magic

Wow, what a great little game! I didn't even see this one coming, having never played the first two. After my favorite TB fantasy series went to sh*t with HOMM 4 I've been stuck without anything new to play on the TB front for quite awhile. The Disciples series just didn't grab me and with Warlords 4 still a ways off I've been jonesing for a good TBS game.

I was reading the good buzz about this over at Gone Gold and decided that for $29.99 I could afford to give it a try. And I'm damn happy that I did. This looks to be a fairly deep TBS game with a lot in common with the HOMM series, but not so much it still dosen't felel like it's own game. I've only spent a couple of hour's messing around with the very good in-game tutorial and a couple of custom scenarios, and I can already tell this game is going to suck up a lot of my time.

Between this and KotOR I am truly in gaming heaven. RPG's and TBS games are my two favorite genres and I'm playing RPG that could be one of the best ever and a new TBS that looks to be excellent.

I haven''t played this newest rendition yet, but I own Age of Wonders 2 and have had a great deal of fun playing with it. The tide of battles change greatly depending on what power spheres you own.

I can tell it''s going to take a good while to figure out the deper strategies in this game. I''m really happy so far. I can''t wait to try a multiplayer game.

Speaking of ''age'' games, is age of mythology out already? I thought it was, but hadn''t seen it around anywhere...

"One_of_47" wrote:

Speaking of ''age'' games, is age of mythology out already? I thought it was, but hadn''t seen it around anywhere...

Dude, that''s been out for like a year! As a matter of fact, the first expansion pack should be out in a couple of months.

If you like RTS games go get it. I thought it was a real
winner, and ended up likeing it better than Warcraft 3.

Thanks, Drunkagain...I just haven''t seen it anywhere around here. Maybe I should crawl out from under my rock a little more often...

Of course, this may work out to my advantage...when I finally find it, it should be down to the bargain bin prices... 8)

*looks around, brushes some dust off the place*

So uh, this is the Age of Wonders thread I guess! I picked up the first game for 3$ because I was curious about this series and looking for a new strategy game. I absolutely love Master of Magic and this seemed right up my alley. After acing the tutorial I fired up the campaign to check things out. For my character I chose a Lizard guy and gave him Extra Strike, Circle Attack and Fearlessness. Seemed like a nice combo.

I then tried the first mission. This is basically how it went.

Turn 1: Oh look halflings!
Turns 2-10: I need more guys but I don't want to conquer these towns, that would waste money and manpower.
Turn 11: Like 25 goblin units roll over the mountains and wipe me out.

TLDR HALP, I have no idea what I'm doing!

So are you playing the first Age of Wonders or AoW: Shadow Magic? I haven't played the first one in years, but AoW:SM I fire up every couple of months, it's got tons of excellent mods and scenarios.

First AoW. Everyone says to skip AoW II and go to Shadow Magic. But the first game in the series is a significantly different formula, so I thought I would start here.

First couple campaign missions have you control halflings. So I figured out that I should just drown them in bodies. Halflings are pretty cheap after all. I did get hung up on the fact that you need siege equipment to attack walled towns at all. But then I realized that applies to the enemy too.

Also catapults and balistas are awesome! Expensive but arcing missiles over your town walls at the enemy invaders is both highly effective and a lot of fun.

It sounds like you've got a good handle on the combat. I can't remember much about the mechanics of the first game, except that the story was good and I was interested enough in it to finish the main campaign. I hope you'll look into Shadow Magic after finishing this one, it has some interesting new races, abilities, and factions.

Is it worth playing AoW II for the story?

To be honest I didn't get that far with AoW II, because Shadow Magic came out shortly after, and it was vastly better. As a fan of Master of Magic you'll like the random scenario generator included in SM, which has 3 "levels" of terrain: mainland, underground, and the Shadow realm (similar to Myrror from MoM). Very customizeable too.

I played them all and liked them all. However, its been so long that I can't remember the difference between AOW 2 and Shadow Magic.

AOW 1 though is very different in balance. I actually liked it more than 2 or Shadow Magic. In 2 any unit could kill any unit. In 1 some units were impossible to kill unless you had a unit equipped to kill it. So a entity that was immune to physical damage could kill a stacks of troops if they failed to bring a mage along or something that does magic damage. In 2 there aren't any units that have 100 percent immunity to anything.

I actually played two games of MoM over my holiday break, which in turn led me back to Shadow Magic last night. Hadn't played that for a few years, but I still enjoy it.

Tamren wrote:

Is it worth playing AoW II for the story?

I enjoyed AoW II when I played it, before SM came out. I don't remember a lot about the story, but I remember that it required you to win scenarios with each of the different magics as part of the overall campaign. So, while I agree with others that SM is better, you might enjoy playing AoW II first if you have the time for it.

I wouldn't necessarily get it for anything other than the campaign, though, since standalone scenarios are better in SM. I also wouldn't recommend going back to it after playing SM, since you'll miss things that SM added/changed.

It's a good day to get interested in AoW, with having its 50% off sale.

Shadow Magic for $4.99 is a steal.

The new races are Syrons, Shadow Demons, and the fleet-footed Nomads. It's a well balanced game at this point, and the possibilities are endless.

Okay I think I understand the basics now. The key to winning any fight is to always have more/better/stronger troops. Defending towns is almost pointless because if you leave a large stack of troops in the town the enemy can just walk right past it and attack something else. Once all of your towns have defensive walls roving "bandit" armies cease to be an issue because they can't siege without the right gear.

Use cheap melee infantry to form a screen that the enemy can't simply run past. Put ranged troops behind them so that they can arc shots over and between the front line. And have fast cavalry to move around and run down weaker or important enemies like archers and casters. Since no units can move and shoot in the same turn you can position your troops so that they always get the first hit. Casters tend to be stronger in melee than plain infantry and also have a ranged magic attack, downside is they are very expensive.

Alright damn it, I sprung for the $2.99 original AoW again because I don't want to dig out the disk. Sounds interesting.