Anyone play the Total War series?

I messed with the Shogun demo a bunch way back when and I was slightly interested. Then played the Medieval Total War demo to death last year and forgot about it really. Redownloaded the demo for Medieval last week and found myself mesmerized like no other. So, I got a copy off ebay and just started playing it and I have to be honest, it is overwhelming at first. I basically suck in the early going, trying to learn all the details about trade right now.

Oh yeah, my deep-seeded interest for this type of strategy game comes from something I used to play as a youth:

If you are trying to learn, play on Easy, using Egypt. It will give you a solid position where some early mistakes won''t kill you.

I love that game. I had dismissed Shogun as ''too much'' when I first played it, but Medieval just sucked me in.

I am doing just that, playing Egypt on Early and Easy.

You looking forward to Rome TW?

If you are truly into M:TW, make sure you get the Viking expansion. While the Viking campaign itself is rather blah, the interface improvements and extra factions/units make the regular campaign much funner. I can''t wait for Rome:TW!