New Doom 3 shots?

Since we have a couple of other Doom 3 threads going, why not one more! I don't know if these are new or not but I have never seen most of them. They look pretty nice though.


The first two city shots look a bit off though. Really low detail textures on most of the buildings. Hopefully they''ll replace them with higher detail ones!

One thing that really does bug me about Doom 3 though: smoke trails from weapons. I don''t mind a puff of smoke from say... a rocket launcher. But to have every weapon emit a stream of smoke that looks like bleached candyfloss is a bit extreme. The pistol especially makes it look like you''re aerosol-ing the bad guys!

Maybe I''m just nitpicking. Or trying to glean too much from the E3 video

Anyway. At least it looks like you''ll get a chainsaw