Saddam a bigger threat now than before?

From MSNBC/Washington Post

With him on the run, US soldiers dying on an almost daily basis, and no WMDs found, you'd have to wonder what's next. Funny how this fact was never, ever brought up by the Administration at all. You'd think the American people would like to know that the war would create a bigger monster than there was before.

I agree, as long as Saddam Hussein is alive or believed to be alive, our troops are in a heightened state of danger and subject to attack by groups that miss ""the good old days"".

But then if he was dead he would be a martyr.

I choose dead.

The report suggests that the danger goes beyond those troops in-theater. And Saddam doesn''t need to be alive for his followers to start handing out the goodies (if they exist or are still ""good"") to terrorists.