Tuesday Night EverQuest - Week 3

After a successful exercise in Kurn's Tower, our merry band of adventurers is preparing to face all new varieties of Total Party Wipeout. Let's get some discussion rolling over where we might want to pick some fights tomorrow night. I don't know what levels people might have gained over this past week, but I think Elysium and I were at the high end at 16.

Crushbone is always a popular spot for the early and mid teens. However, because it's always a popular spot, it's often very crowded. This also means that anybody who has played EQ for any amount of time has probably done Crushbone plenty. Since we're here to explore EQ a little, we might not want to head back there yet again. I've never been to Warsliks Woods in Kunark, but the bestiary level appears to be right. Of course, we've already spent two weeks in Kunark. People might be itching for some new scenery. Anyone else have some ideas?

If you want a zone all to yourself, I would suggest
This zone (and just about every other Odus zone) has a constant population of 0. Another idea would be a classic dungeon like Befallen or Upper Guk.

Kerra Isle sounds pretty cool, but aren''t I, as a Vah Shir, related to the Kerrans? I don''t know that I''d be keen on ruining faction with my own people. Where''s Encyclopedia Fang when you need him?

You should be safe at Kerra. I have never been there (a friend of mine has 3 accounts, at least 2 lvl 65 chars, several 50+ and has never been to Kerra or much of Odus) so it would be a real treat.

Guk is always a good choice and the best kept secret among veteran players (for PLing). I would like to get more familiar with that zone. Frogs dont have to worry about the Guk frogs since I am certain its a different faction. Guk frogloks are good but not Mithaniel Marr''s chosen like the froglok player race. (according to mythos)

If everyone is high enough, I am tempted to bring out my iksar Beastlord. He may be a bit too high at level 18 and I am concerned about his being KOS in a lot of places. Do we have anyone who can invis?

If everyone is high enough, I am tempted to bring out my iksar Beastlord. He may be a bit too high at level 18 and I am concerned about his being KOS in a lot of places. Do we have anyone who can invis?

We''re not high enough yet, I''m only like level 11 or 12 along with a few others.

I''d like to explore any ""non original"" area that wasn''t included in the original version of EQ.

I''m confused as to what you mean Certis. I get the part about avoiding zones in the original EQ. That seems to be a no vote for Guk or Kerra. What do you mean by ""non-original"" area?

Has anyone considered the Warrens?

Warslik Woods is much better for the levels 17-23. The best spots include the giant fort and some ruins with iksar marauders. The entrance to Dalnir is also located there. Its a dungeon filled with casters mobs (self healers included) for 28+.

BTW raid grouping works at any level. My friend tells me the drawback is you dont get the group bonuses. I dont know whether I believe this or not...

So what this means is we can have 2 groups of 4+ or so and use the raid grouping to combine them into one group of 8-12. If we do lose the group xp bonus it will be quite significant xp. Plus, the chat channels seem to be working very well (except for Sway *wink*).

If my BL is out of the question level wise, I also have an iksar Necro at 14. He''s pretty much a pauper but he has spells that benefit the group more than my Magician. Oh and I''ve got a frog paly at 14 as well.

I''m confused as to what you mean Certis. I get the part about avoiding zones in the original EQ. That seems to be a no vote for Guk or Kerra. What do you mean by ""non-original"" area?

Just what you said, any area that wasn''t included in the original release of EQ.

My only concern with playing with characters way higher than mine is that you aren''t much help in a fight, you just kind of sit there and soak up the experience. That''s fine if you''re trying to power level but I''d rather feel like I''m contributing something more than just spraying Elysium.

Yeah, I just hate when I suck up Elysium''s experience points without effort.

Last week was ok no? Or should we slow down the pace more this week?

One problem with zones not in the original EQ is that we are limited to Kunark and Luclin at our level. Velious is 27+. PoP is 45+ I believe. LoY is 50+.

Ill try and list options:
Kunark - FoB, Kurns, Swamp of No Hope, Overthere coast, Lake of Ill Omen, Warslik Woods

Luclin - Shadeweavers, Paludal

Free new content - Stonebrunt Mtns, the Warrens

I would vote for Kerra Isle since I have never been there. Just one zone from a book so should be easy toget to.

Warrens is a blast too. Good loot for our level for non-monks who can load up on armor and weapons. Plus it''s got a nice dungeon XP bonus.

My monk is 13th so I should be right there with the majority. I may be a little late so I will /join GWJ to find you guys.

Fang is right, pretty much the only zones that are available for our level that weren''t in the original EQ are in Kunark. Not everyone in our group has the Luclin upgrade. That''s why I was sort of trying to think of zones that are typically underused. I''ve only once seen Kerra, and it wasn''t to hunt. I''ve never been to Guk. The Warrens used to be crowded. Not sure what it''s like now. Unrest is a cool zone to see if you''ve never been before, but that''s probably best saved for a few more levels. But Kunark is probably the only newer content for our levels.

Certis, got a preference?

Just out of curiosity, what is the highest level character each of you has had? I guess one of my motivations for rushing through the teens is because my highest was only 19 or 20. I probably tried six or seven different classes and races, too. So I was very familiar with the early game. I''m eager to see what things are like on the other side of 20.

Certis, got a preference?

Not really, so long as it isn''t Crushbone or Splitpaw I''m pretty flexible. Honestly guys, I''m not trying to be more of a pain in the ass than usual, anywhere is fine for me so long as my kitty gets to come

Okay, I''ll propose this for tonight. Feel free to voice your approval/disapproval. We''ll meet at 8pm CST in the Plane of Knowledge by the Paineel book (in the SouthWest corner). I think that''s the one that goes to Toxxulia Forest. From there, we''ll zone into Toxx and swim out west to Kerra Isle. If we have any faction / fighting / fun issues, we will simply swim back east and pop back into the PoK. From there we can return to Cabilis, head one zone NorthWest over to Warsliks Wood, and continue to make enemies with the Iksar population.

Don''t forget to ""/join GWJ"" when you log on, so you don''t spend the evening out of the loop like I did for most of last week. I was lonely and couldn''t figure out why Certis and Elysium kept laughing over TeamSpeak.

Sounds good! I look forward to seeing yas in a few hours. My poor Necro needs a few more plat for his new pet =( He is KOS in freeport so I''m not sure how succesful he will be at rat tail hunting.

As per usual, something has come up which may mean I''ll show up late again or not at all if it goes really badly. A client has a computer emergency so god knows how long that will take.

Team Speak is up: password: stan

I''ll try to be back for the 8PM CST start time!

Fang, there are also diseased rat tails to be found in Steamfont. The PoK book and hunting area is pretty free of any guards. Post your necro''s name and I''ll keep an eye out for you if I''m on early...which I no doubt will be.

Crap, sorry I missed out guys. Apparently some buffoon in my area has been running around cutting fiber optic cables for fun!