Shadow of Unrentide 50% off

Another great deal for cheapskates like me.

Shadow of Unrentide is $19.99 at Best Buy. With the $5.00 off company on the back of the gift card that makes it $14.99, half off the $30.00 list price. It ain't worth $30.00 but it might be worth $15. That's American dollars.

And if you don't have Neverwinter nights, it is $19.99, too.

Damn, this always happens to me. I always want the game on day one and then in a week or so these great deals come along.

Where did you get the gift card with the $5.00 off coupon? Or is that just something you had?

I say it''s totally worth the $30.00. But if you can get it cheaper, good for you.

The gift card with the $5.00 coupon can be found at Best Buy in the video game section. Look on the back of the Jewel Case gift card and make sure it has a $5.00 off coupon.

I have the game now and I''m going to play as the Blackguard, an evil character. I usually don''t play as evil characters as I prefer fantasy where I''m a different alignment than I am in real life.

How is the shadows expansion? I thought NWN''s single player was somewhat disappointing - just constant fetch and retrieve, unlike the Baldur''s Gate games before then. Is Shadows any better for that?

It''s a little more linear, but much better in terms of story. Fewer chests filled with useless crap, and some really great game improvements (henchman AI/inventory, for example.)

I love it. I loved the original NWN, so take that for what it is, but I definitely feel like the expasion has some very high-quality content.

Did Elysium leave the ""free beer!"" sign out on the office lawn again? Lots of new posters this weekend it seems.

Welcome to the forums Murph!

Thanks! Found my way here via a banner at Quartertothree, and I see a lot of familiar...well, names.