On a lighter note...

I always knew that videogames led to violent and anti-social behavior:


I always knew "Deer Hunter 2" would cause problems...

Oh for f*ck''s sake. >_<

Sure, they''re all consenting adults and that, but what the f*ck is wrong with these men? Wanting to shoot at naked women?

Make love, not war.

Actually ALG,

It looks like you make war first, and then if you are successful, you get to make love that night.

I see this having a lot of crossover appeal. Republicans will love it for the hunting and Democrats will love it for the naked women.


Rat, that might be the funniest thing I have ever seen you say.

Damn....that''s hilarious....

I heard it''s a hoax. But I wonder if this will inspire people to do it for real.

There was a term for that, cognitive something something. Like when people were licking frogs to get high. Most people had never heard of that, and most wouldn''t have even thought about it, but when they heard it from someone else, they figured it was something they would try...

So I wonder if this kind of thing provides a release for those who harbor a fetish, or if it just provides people with ideas.

"Rat Boy" wrote:

Democrats will love it for the naked women.

There may be more truth there than we realize...

I like naked women...naked hot women.

For god''s sake...I gotta agree with Ulairi twice in one night? Certis, Elysium...there''s something morally wrong about that...

Well, I guess it was a hoax after all to sell videos.

Say, has anyone ever seen a real-life Girls Gone Wild? I think they made all that up too to sell videos!

Well, I''ve been to Cancun, and I don''t think you need a lot to get the kind of stuff you see on GGW

As long as you know friends who take you to the good parties...

No offense, Mex, but it''s probaby no big of a deal for you to go to a Cancun party as it is for me to go to a rave in San Francisco. Not that either of us would remember the stuff the next day...wait, I had a point but I forgot it.

So how was that San Fran party, Rat? Or do you remember?

And btw...probaby sounds very much like prolife...

Yep, it is a hoax. Was hoping it was real so I could try it one day