Prominent figure in UK/Iraq weapons probe found dead

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Now this is getting too freakin' weird! Since the British doubt Blair more than Americans doubt Bush, expect this to turn into a public feeding frenzy. And you thought the Clintons were getting the third degree over Vince Foster's death.

Edit: And let's not forget the BBC's role in this; maybe the pressure they put him under drove him to suicide. If it is a suicide...

Maybe this one was Clinton, too. Remember, in 1998 Clinton made the same case for war as Bush. Plus, didn''t Clinton go to school in Oxford? He knows the lay of the land...

People who knew too much about Clinton have dropped like flies over the years. And we know Clinton will do anything to preserve his ""legacy"". Wonder if any former Arkansas state troopers were vacationing in London recently...

Well, despite your glib remarks, this could be very serious, especially if there''s evidence of foul play. Hell, if it was a suicide, people are going to start wondering what drove him to do it.

"Rat Boy" wrote:

Hell, if it was a suicide, people are going to start wondering what drove him to do it.

Then again, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

Well, no matter what the official explanation was, there are quite a few Clinton haters who think the happy First Couple played a bigger role in his death. Now, we don''t know anything more than Dr. Kelly is dead, but this couldn''t have come at a worse time for Tony Blair. With the reception he got at Congress, maybe he should think about spending his summer in America.

This was in your cite, Rat Boy.

""He was the one inspector that Saddam Hussein personally wanted kicked out of Iraq because David really knew what was going on,"" Mangold said.

Maybe terrorists got him!! Oh goodness!!

Personally I think Blair did it. What an opportune time to be conveniently out of the country when this happens. Will these villians stop at nothing to cover their skins?

I really think we''re gonna have to keep the jury out on this one until we get more details. Not to say that it isn''t a disturbing thought, Rat...

Personally I think Blair did it. What an opportune time to be conveniently out of the country when this happens. Will these villians stop at nothing to cover their skins?

I hope your kidding...

It''s too freakin weird to be a pure coincidence...


Natural causes: Given the stress he had been under, it''d be unnderstandable if he had heart trouble and just dropped dead.

Suicide: Again, given the stress he was under (either by the Parliament''s questioning or his having to hide something), it wouldn''t be that much of a stretch of the imaginative. Or it was the literal interpretation of ""falling on your sword.""

Homicide: Well, a random killing isn''t impossible.

Assassination: Here''s the disturbing thought. Given what he knew, what he might have told Parliament, and how carefully the Blair government is playing it now, this possibility might gain in plausibility depending on the cause of death.

Edit: This article makes you wonder even more. Look here (bold by me):

THE FAMILY of the man, David Kelly, 59, a microbiologist who had worked as a U.N. weapons inspector, reported him missing after he went out for a walk Thursday with no coat despite a heavy rainstorm.
The body, found by police in a wooded area about five miles from Kelly's home, was to be identified Saturday, said Acting Superintendent David Purnell of the Thames Valley Police. The cause of death was unknown, and an autopsy was scheduled.
The ministry said Friday that Kelly had been told he had violated civil service rules by having unauthorized contact with a journalist, but "that was the end of it." It said Kelly had at no point been threatened with suspension or dismissal after admitting speaking to the BBC reporter, Andrew Gilligan, who said in May that a senior intelligence source told him that the government "sexed up" intelligence on Iraq.
"She didn't use the word "˜depressed,' but she said he was very, very stressed and unhappy about what had happened and this was really not the kind of world he wanted to live in," Mangold said.
Anderson, a member of Blair's Labor Party, told BBC television that Kelly appeared "rather relaxed" during his testimony and seemed to be "on top of things."
But committee member Richard Ottaway, a member of the opposition Conservative Party, said Kelly suggested that he was under great deal of strain.
"At the meeting last week, he did hint at the sort of pressure he was under," Ottaway said. "He was asked to provide some evidence, and he replied that he would do so but he could not get into his house because of the media pressure."

I love a mystery...

Just like Vince Foster was killed by the Clintons!

I don''t think Blair had anyone killed. We don''t know any facts about the case and I''m not going to join the tin foil hat club that the leftys are in.


Lawyeron, for your sake, don''t take any strolls in the woods five miles from your house for a couple of days, ''kay?

Look in this man''s eyes. They''re the eyes of a cold-blooded killer. ... 4prkn.html

Look at those hands as they are raised as if to strangle.

He is just teaching us how to hug leftys like Rat Boy.

*gets his ski mask*

This is somewhat mysterious, but honestly, would the US or the UK really decide to pull a mafia style hit on somebody? And then not even properly dispose of the body, like pour some concrete and an above ground swimming pool over him? If the mafia can hide a body like Hoffa for 30 years, then you would hope that the combined might of the CIA and MI6 would be able to get rid of somebody without leaving a trail.

A sad coincidence, a suicide, or at worst, a mugging that went bad.

I stick with my original post. Facts, please, and then we can converse.

Cops say suicide, judging by his slashed left wrist along with finding a knife and painkillers by the body.

And the feeding frenzy into what drove him over the edge will continue...

"Rat Boy" wrote:

Well, despite your glib remarks, this could be very serious, especially if there''s evidence of foul play. Hell, if it was a suicide, people are going to start wondering what drove him to do it.

And the wondering begins...

And the craziness in the UK begins.

I''ve been trying to figure out an American political equivalent, but the best I can come up with is if John Dean killed himself during Congress'' Watergate investigations.


He was just having problems with his wife and it got too much for him. The ""suicide"" has nothing to do with Blair or WMD or anything and it probably isn''t safe, I mean, interesting for anyone to to discuss this further....

How about that Knights of the Old Republic pretty cool game, eh? Gulp...

It''s official, he was the mole.

Expect plenty of mudslinging between Parliament and the BBC over who''s to blame; of course, I find it refreshing that the average Londoner on the street in one of the other articles thought that they both were to blame.

(Out of character): I believe Kelly''s final act puts the whole BBC report into question.

Allow me to espouse 2 conspiracy theories of my own:

1. Kelly was a mentally unstable individual and his credibility should be taken into account of his final action; or

2. Kelly talked to the BBC reporter (which he admitted), the BBC ""punched up"" the story regarding his statements (which he denied making). He knew his job was in trouble because no one would believe that he did not make such harsh statements against the government and that his career and reputation were done for.

This is a man who went to Iraq and could have had a bullet in his head at any moment. In other words he was no stranger to ""stress"". I believe he was a mentally stable individual.

Dr. Kelly should have stood by his story or say the BBC exaggerated his statements. Or maybe he didn''t lie, maybe he was being truthful that he didn''t make the statements but believed no one would believe him.

As for the nonsense that he was killed by others, if he truly feared for his life he wouldn''t have been shooting his mouth off in the first place. Rubbish.

The fact is that Dr. Kelly says he didn''t make the statements in the report and the BBC says he did. Which one is lying? BBC has a history of anti Iraq War rhetoric even before the first shot was fired, what is Dr. Kelly''s agenda?

Is the story starting to make more sense now, One of 47?

(in character):

I am calling for a full inquiry regarding the interview or interviews between the BBC and Dr. Kelly. I am subpoenaing the notes of the ""interview"". The public has a right to know if the BBC caused this man to take his life. I believe their apology is an admission of culpability and I will not stop until I prove Bear, I mean Blair has been exonerated. I will also confirm that Dr. Kelly was an honorable man, who did not lie before parliament, but was a victim of overzealous and unscrutable people with an agenda to undermine the credibility of my client. The BBC''s unethical and immoral actions were the proximate cause of the doctor''s tragic suicide, and they should be held accountable.

Thank you.

(end scene)

Ooo ooo, do Kobe Bryant''s lawyer now!

The sex was consensual!

Is this subject over? Are we on to the next thing? I thought this was huge. Oh, well.