That Blair is pretty cool....

For a stinking pinko commie liberal.

He made a great speech. But, I kind of resent that we need someone from Britain to apologize for our decision to overthrow Saddam.

It was a justified war and no one on this website has said it was not. It just seems that the war is justified to different people for different reasons.

So we have the Democrats trying to turn a justified war into an unjustified war, in their futile efforts to take back in the White House in 2004.

The conservatives in England are doing the same thing in Britain to Blair.

And I'm ready to make a big concession here for Rayboy. If Clinton were President I believe the Republicans would be doing the same thing. Politicians are all the same.

But, that still doesn't make it right.

To do it for purely political reasons isn''t right. Doing it in pursuit of the truth is right. Just ask the people investigating Watergate.

As for Blair, I find him more likeable than Bush. However, he''s hated in the UK. Then again, I am comparing him to Bush...

I really like Blair. He should move out here and make a bundle and get a Cabnit job. He should teach Bush how to speak.

And when not to speak.

Damn, I wish I had caught that speech tonight...

Yeah, I can''t help but like Blair. I use him as a barometer for my bias against Bush. If Blair says something and I say, ""damn right, Tony"", and then Bush says the same thing and I say ""fry you warmongering bastard!"" I know I''m being irrational.

Yeah, he''s cool, that f*cking bastard. He''s a great public speaker. Great... diction, or whatever you call it. Quite the opposite of Bush.

Yup like him too, and he isn''t even hated that much in Britain it''s just that he''s willing to take unpopular decisions, which ain''t a bad thing at all.

""I know it''s hard on America. And in some small corner of this vast country ... there''s a guy getting on with his life perfectly happily, minding his own business, saying to you, the political leaders of this country, ''Why me, and why us, and why America?'' And the only answer is because destiny put you in this place in history, in this moment in time, and the task is yours to do.""

--Prime Minister Tony Blair addressing a joint session of Congress Thursday.

That man has fantastic oratorical style.

Somebody should revise the Constitution so that the voters can swap the leaders of the US and UK. That way the British can kick out Bush and we can keep Blair. Works out for everybody.

No thanks. I appreciate Blair''s support for the war, but he is still Bill Clinton without the interns when it comes to his politics. Bring back Maggie!

Wait. I heard someone say they want Thatcher back?
I wasn''t aware hell had frozen over.

I thought she was two steps from being a Ted Williams-pospsicle.

I thought she was two steps from being a Ted Williams-pospsicle.

lol, but what a shame. The greatest hitter of all time hung headless by his toes. It''s just so wrong on so many levels.

They are selling shirts outside of Fenway that say ""Defrost Ted!""

Well if Thatcher''s good enough for Hillary Clinton, she''s good enough for me!

Funny, I don''t see you taking that attitude with Bill.