Minimum specs announced for DOOM 3

From The Phobos Lab (under the Wednesday, July 16 update)

But I'll save you the trouble...

GF1 or Radeon 7xxx series card

I'm guessing textures, lighting, and gibs would have to be turned off and draw distances and resolution would have to be turned to next to nothing for it to run with these numbers.

Hmm, that gives me some hope thtat my Barton 2500 and Geforce 4 will take care of business to my satisfaction. I very well may end up dropping another 512 megs of RAM in the old girl though, just for good measure.

That gives me hope too, Drunkagain, as I''m running the same cpu and video. I, too, may drop another 512 meg. GMTA, I guess.

Talking about RAM, I''ve reach my limit... 1.5GB! ...but, ehh... Those specs are sure minimum, or should I say bare 8fps, minimum. Still, I guess I will get a chance to see Doom 3 before I will need to get a new system up and running....

Aren''t most 3d games released in the past year not able to be played on a 7xxx?

So...just curious...out of the people who saw the alpha running, what were the specs, and the performance, on that machine?

W00t I''m going to build a system in 2 months in anticipation of going to college and of course Half-Life 2, guess I should maximize the potential I get from the €2600 I''m allowed to spend

BWAHAHAHA! Only an Upgraded GFX Card needed for me! Which I''d already planned on anyway for Half Life 2!

I can run it, probably get a new processor/ram/mobo before I do though. I want the new stuff for HL2, so thisll be a bonus

I may go to a gig of ram (but not needed really). I am using a 9800 Pro now so that better get the job done. By that I mean 1280x960 res with 2xAA and 8xAF with all the other eye candy.

Also, as much as I hate to admit it, I am finally getting excited about Doom 3. HL2 was going to be the ""only"" real game I was interested in, but single player games are starting to draw a lot more interest for me now. (My internet connection is just going to be ""average"" until I buy my first home next year)

So NO ONE saw the alpha run?

""One_of_47""]So...just curious...out of the people who saw the alpha running, what were the specs, and the performance, on that machine?

*raises hand *

On my old AMD 1300, with 512 generic RAM, and a 32meg Geforce 2 it was pretty bad. Basically unplayable with anything other than myself on the screen. It was definately one of the determining factors involved in me upgrading.

Thanks, Drunkagain! I just upgraded, so I''m not that worried about it, but I would love to hear what kind of machine could run the unoptimized alpha well.

I ran the alpha at around 30fps with a 2.53 p4 512mb of pc2700 ram and an ATI 9700 pro. This was at 1024x768x32. It did dip whenever I would shoot and I would not call it completely playable but it wasn''t horrible either.

-- Xaroc