Lionheart Goes Gold

Woo Hoo. I saw over at Gone Gold that Lionheart had gone gold.

Holy crap, that''s fantastic!

I second Elysium, and not just because he''s so cuddly.

I can''t wait for Lionheart. Arrgh! Too many RPG''s!!!

Dont tell me! This is one of those games that takes 3 weeks to manufacture and put on the shelves.

Argh!!! *slaps forehead*

Coop you say? Here''s hoping it''s a good one.

Coop? woot!? really? over the LAN?

Just what kind of game is this? I hadn''t heard anything about it.

From Black Isle studios and Reflexive Entertainment, with the Fallout role-playing system. It''s an alternate reality role playing game where the events of the crusades essentially created a Disjunction and made magic real. The next four hundred years played out quite differently than what we''re used to, and Lionheart picks up in that world. A solid preview here.

I am wondering whether this will be faster paced or slower than Diablo. I can see Black Isle making it more slowly paced like IWD2. Yet, the engine Reflexive is using is a modified Zax Alien Hunter engine. Zax is much more intense than Diablo 2. Zax is paced like Crusader:No Remorse. If not even faster. I also wonder if they are going to keep the Zax control scheme. It has FPS awsd movement with mouse to aim and fire.

I had never heard of this game but Black Isle + Fallout RPG system + OMG ALTERNATE REALITY!!111 = cool game IMO, might pick it up.

What Koesj said.

The graphics look similar to BG2, in case I am looking at the wrong thing? If that is the case, AND THE PACE OF THE GAME IS LIKE BG2, then I will pass. NWN has spoiled me for now, I like the pace, graphics and accessibility.