State funded sex changes for inmates

Holy crap.

I think it's time we started dusting off the impeachment process for judges.

I mean, seriously...holy crap...

Big deal. All it''ll cost the state is to buy some large knives and a couple cases of whiskey as a sedative.

Heh. I avoided making the joke that he was probably already someone''s bitch in prison, so why go through the surgery...

This is pretty bad news, think about it. When he gets done with it, does he go to the women''s prison? How many people in prison for life with no hope will try to fake a doctor into giving them the surgery, just for the chance to see a woman naked again? Pretty f*cking desperate, but really, some people in prison are.

On the other hand, they won''t reproduce.

Damn, what a waste of whiskey, Ratboy!