Waiting for KOTOR is Hard!

The wait for Knights of the Old Republic is getting harder and harder for me. I'm not sure what it is about this particular game that's so tough to wait for, I'm usually pretty loose about release dates. Is it Gamespot and IGN's stellar reviews? The fact that it ships on Wednesday instead of the usual Tuesday?

All I know is I haven't been this anxious to get my hands on a game since Half-Life's release. It's kind of fun but it's also a total pain in the ass.

I am right there with you. My local EB might be getting it tonight near closing time, and I am seriously thinking of driving back to pick it up, as opposed to waiting for it to be delivered to my door tomorrow.

I know it''s killing me. I''m off for the rest of the week so the sooner I get it in my hands the more play time I can get in before I have ot go back to work next Monday.

I hope EBWorld shipped the pre-orders today. Maybe we''ll get lucky and have it show up tomorrow. *crosses fingers*

Waiting does suck. If I only had the time to play it!

I think I''m gonna have to wait until after Gen Con next weekend. Unfortunately, there''s only so many hours in the day, and I have a ton of stuff to get done before the trek to Indianapolis on the 23rd. But once I get back, oh yes, it will be mine.

Your pal,

Only 3 hours left!

Just a heads up, various gamers across the States are getting copies at their local EB''s and Gamestops. Give your local shop a call, you might get lucky!

My copy is on a plane as we speak.

"Lawyeron" wrote:

My copy is on a plane as we speak.

Ditto. I recieved my ship notice this afternoon too. Crap, I hope it shows up early tomorrow. When I''m waiting for something it always seems to show up at the end of teh day rather than the morning.

Picked mine up last night around 6pm from EB. I am a little let down by the graphics so far but I am still in the first city and obviously no light sabers yet so I will need to see more areas before I would judge the overall graphics. Everything else is great though.

-- Xaroc

Anybody spot this at a CompUSA or CircuitCity? I don''t give EB or Gamestop my money :smash:

Not sure about those but the Best Buy I talked to was going to get it on the 19th! BB sometimes has things right on time and other times is well behind the curve.

-- Xaroc

If the waiting is hard, it might be a good time to prevent prostate cancer...

"One_of_47" wrote:

If the waiting is hard, it might be a good time to prevent prostate cancer...

:rotflmao: That would be one solution.