Can anyone explain the appeal of Mario Golf?

I never played the last one, but it seems like there are quite a few people excited about the upcoming release of the new Mario Golf. Is this just a golf sim using Nintendo's popular characters or is there something more to it?


With all the super-powers and characters that can drive 500 yards, it''s a golf game any idiot can win.

It''s Mario ... AND it''s golf. Or so I''ve been told.

It''s accessible and yet not too simple. While it doesn''t happen to be the most popular game at our multiplayer sessions, people usually don''t mind playing the game for a bit. And since 95% of them don''t play games outside of said multiplayer sessions it''s safe to say that the Mario license is not the reason behind the appeal.

Simple to pick up, hard to master. It is the orginial of the ""Hot Shot"" type games.

The Mario characters are great.

Is it good for single play, or is it more of a party type of game? I''m just in the mood for something a little different and I keep seeing this pop up all over. I

Hopefully they''ll bring back Club Slots. That always makes multiplayer more interesting...

""How the heck am I supposed to drive with an 8 iron?""

Unlike Mario Tennis or Mario Party, Mario Golf is also ok if you don''t have friends around. Of course, if you absolutely dislike Golf games, this one probably won''t change that.

You could also check out Monkey Ball 1&2 if you haven''t done that yet. Both feature a variety of games (bowling, golf, racing and tennis among them) and definitely have single- as well as multiplayer appeal.

Mario Golf isnt the original. The Neo Geo had a game called Neo Turfmasters that started it all.

Golf games are incredibly popular. Adding RPG elements that allow a character to be better at putting or hitting longer drives enhances replay value.

Plus the characters each have a unique animated personality that livens up the game. Its like a little gimmicky reward for doing good or bad. (win, win)

I havent played Mario Golf but if someone implements elements from Zany Golf, it would be a fantastic addition.

Its GOLF people!!! you''ll be gushing over Mario Bowling...

oh wait..


Mario makes everything better.

I''m a golf game fan, and Mario Golf is one of the best for ANY system. It''s got realism, lots of mini-games, and can be played over and over again.

I like the super shots and the whole ""NBA JAM"" mentality of powers. Very cool stuff, especially for multiplayer with friends.