Tuesday Night EverQuest - Week 2

I thought I'd start a shiny new thread for this week's Tuesday Night EQ discussion. I'm suggesting we meet in the Plane of Knowledge again at 8pm CST. I think the plan is to check out Kurn's tower, unless someone has something more interesting in mind. We should probably meet by the portal to Cabilis since it's out of the way of all the normal PoK traffic and might keep our framerates healthier.

We may have too many people for one group, but the more the merrier. If you show up early, you will be in a good position to get first picks from my bag of old equip. I've quested for, and bought, some new gear so I've got some stuff to give away.

Drop a note in this thread if you plan on making it tonight so we'll know to look for you.

You guys should try the Paludal Caverns in Shadeweaver''s Thicket. Best experience in the game there, 113% bonus to all mobs killed there.

Not everyone has the Luclin expansion, so I''ll have to save Paludal for my personal leveling between Tuesdays that I like to do so much of.

I''m sure I''ll be on in some shape or form. Of course, I haven''t been playing like a crack monkey since last Tuesday so I may be a bit behind

I''ll prolly be on tonight.

If theres too many i''ll just check out those Paludal caverns.

I didnt like Paludal until level 18-25 at the bandit camps.

There is plenty of stuff to fight earlier but the pathing on that stuff is so wierd and they loved to out of the blue go run away and bring some friends.

I still like Kurns cuz I know it like the back of my hand.

I would go nowhere else for 18-25 than Paludal since you can get that in like 3-4 hours if you can get into one of the camps thats always camped.

Kurns does have a 50% dungeon xp bonus as well. Not as good as Paludal but good enough to give you almost a full blue xp bub for killing a blue mob.

I''ll be on tonight.

I would also like to see if we can do Stonebrunt at level 18+ since Ive never been to it. We may need someone with invis to get there.

Well I have a char on Mith Mar now. lvl 3 Dwarf Pally named Draanor.

Where are these merchants that buy rat tails for a plat? I need to get myself something better then a rusty Longsword here.

They are plague rat tails and they drop often enough but not on every large rat. 1/5 perhaps.

My Gnome sold them to the Dwarf and Erudin vendors by the PoK bank for 1pp 5g 9s.

My Halfing had to go to Misty Thicket to get 1pp 6g. The PoK vendors wanted 1pp 5g 3s.

So obviously its faction based and CHA based pricing.

Also check out the Dwarf newb quests. They might be pretty good for getting base armor and a slightly better than pitiful wep.

I''m thinking of bringing a different character on tonight since we already have a Shaman. Possibly my Froglok warrior if we don''t have a solid tank yet.

I wouldn''t worry about doubling up on the shaman. But if you think you''d have more fun with the warrior, then definitely bring the frog. How will we recognize you?

He will be Lysion, his level 14 frog warrior that abandoned Diggam as his adventure partner . I gave him pants too. Or at least I gave him plat to buy some pants...

Bring him out Elysium. He was a lot of fun! I''m tossing around the idea of playing my 18 BL when we get up to his level.

Certis you are in for a treat. BL absolutely rock the house! The pet is so strong its difficult to solo because you take an xp hit if your pet does to much damage. (solo only) In groups it doesnt matter so you can use the lightning proc spell for your pet and do massive damage! Now imagine 2 BL with lightning procing pets!

My level 18 BL can still solo yellows. Thats something only a Necro can do and he has to kite to do it.

Well Ely, I am a Paladin, so we got some tankage now.

Oh and thanks to the Rat Tails I am now the proud owner of a BABS, 24/39 2hs weapon. 10 freaking plat. Back when I started EQ, a BABS was like the second best weapon in the game.

Welcome to the new EQ economy. Its one of the many examples of how the game is radically different yet remains unchanged. KEI was another but thats gone now

Ya I have witnessed this new economy for awhile, been playing EQ for a very long time. Managed to gear up my Beastlord Alt with Lots of real nice stuff for something like 2k plat total.

Elysium, bring your Frog!

So what level range are we shooting for, I have got my pally up to lvl 7 now, and with the 10% per kill in Paludal caverns I will probably make 8 or 9 by the time we play. Is that high enough?

Thats plenty Sinatar. I think Zway is the highest at 13 but if Ely plays his warrior, he''s level 14 last time I checked.

On a side note I just got the steal of a century. Somebody sold a Netherbian Chitin back to a vendor in Cabilis. The vendor was selling it for 6pp!!!!!!

Needless to say I grabbed my iksar BL and scooped it up for Loksin my level 4 frog warrior. Best price in the bazaar for these is 25pp and most sell for 40pp. Is a plate wearers chest with 20ac and 3 or 5 str on it.

Anyone who cares to join Team Speak will find it up right here:
password: stan

I''ll be joining shortly!

I am right there with you Fang on doing Stonebrunt. There are so many cool zones I have never seen cause you can not get a pick up group to go there.

That is the kind of stuff I would like to be doing Tuesday nights. Not power leveling but exploring cool zones nobody sees anymore.

Great Job by everyone! I think we can take little glimpses of tonight and successfully answer the question why 500,000 people subscribe to EQ.

If only it were always like this with a diverse character spread, everyone contributing, cool spells and pets, no whining (except on teamspeak), lots of DINGs and monsters aplenty.

Not everyone can be as cool as we are I guess.

Good time tonight guys, my new pet obviously carried the team.

^ ^ Don''t know why but that struck me as really funny. Like as in soda out of your nose funny.

"Certis" wrote:

Good time tonight guys, my new pet obviously carried the team.

No, I''m pretty sure it was my new insane Paladin spells. All fell before me with the might of YAULP I!!!!

Excellent time. I should have followed my mother''s advice and not picked at that Odd Little Mole. They should really only be removed by professionals. I''m sorry I got you all killed. The upside was that I got killed again on my corpse recovery. Wait, that wasn''t an upside. The upside was that I got to loot the mole''s corpse after some high level offed it and got some neck armor that I couldn''t wear and then couldn''t drop or sell it since it was NO DROP and had to destroy it. Wait, that wasn''t an upside. Perhaps there was no upside to that Total Party Wipeout.

I had a great time once I joined the GWJ chat channel and was actually able to communicate with everyone. I couldn''t figure why Elysium and Certis kept laughing over TeamSpeak when they weren''t anywhere near each other and nothing was happening on-screen. I accused them of sending tells about me behind my back, but it looks like that may not have been the only reason.

What level did everyone end at? I think Lysion marks the high end at level 16. I hit 15 right at the end of the evening. Sinatar probably had the most constructive day (in the imaginary sense) since he just created his character yesterday. I''d agree with Sapman that, now that we''ve got a handful of spells and skills, we should worry less about powerleveling and start exploring some of these zones. There are so many places I''ve never been. Stonebrunt would be up there on my list. The Overthere is another place that''s sort of cool to get to and see. Other suggestions are very welcome.

The Overthere? I spent a sickening amount of time there with my Troll Shaman. Not much, just a big field full of tigers, rhinos and sarnaks. Oh and there is a 5000 foot canyon with a mysterious evil dungeon in the middle. First time I quit EQ, I nosedived into that canyon a few times for fun.

The Overthere is an extremely dangerous zone. First of all the outpost to buy supplies and run to the guards is evil faction. Since none of us is evil faction, we will get creamed. Second, there is only a small part towards the coast that is suitable for hunting at our level. The rest of the zone is for 35+, and has wandering uber DE guards that like to lay the smack down, insta kill style, to the unawares. Of course there is the aforementioned canyon that is very easy to fall into.

I would strongly suggest waiting until 25+ to start really exploring. Not that we cant mix up the zones some now, but it would be better to wait. I would love to give you guys the tour of Eastern Wastes and some of the velious zones that my old main hunted at, including Crystal Caverns dungeon. Foremans skullcap is a fairly easy item to get there and its a really good item with decent AC and stats plus it looks black when worn.

When we hit hi 30''s and 40''s we can camp the Ry''Gorr elites for Ry''Gorr armor. This place used to be packed and camped all the time but I took Diggam on an excursion there a few weeks ago and the zones were totally empty.

Oh I forgot! Frontier Mountains is also great for high 20''s. It will be many of your first times killing the massive mountian giants. They drop decent weapons that are a bit dated but sell to vendors for 10-20pp. Rathe Mountians (25+) is filled with Hill Giants that drop up to 60pp each in coin.

"Sinatar" wrote:

Not much, just a big field full of tigers, rhinos and sarnaks.

I only mention The Overthere because it was one of those places for me in EQ where I had one of those ""gaming moments"". It was toward the end of my EQ days, and I was getting a little tired of the treadmill, mostly because it just took so long to get a group together. I decided to just set off and explore a little. I think I got on some barge or something and we set off across the seas. The next thing I knew, something caused me to fall off the stupid boat. I was probably drinking again. I set off swimming toward the land I could see waaaaay off in the distance. Well I pulled myself on shore and lo and behold, this place was populated. And I must have been the only character under 30 on the island. It was like Australia, but only if Britain had exiled old people instead of criminals. I wandered around a little and looked at the pretty wild beasts that would have torn my throat in a thrice. There wasn''t much else for me to do there so I wandered off again vowing to one day return and kill something.

Hmm. You guys need to lock these EQ threads down - you''re reminding me of all the good things about EQ. I might have to start another enchanter on your server and play with you guys if you keep this up.

We just need 2 more people to start our own guild ....


joiiiinnn uuuuusssssss.

Joiiinn uuusssss.

We will fill your night with uberness for the small price of your soul!