Honest Intentions and Dont Ask Dont Tell

I swear it was only supposed to be a little tour excursion. It was supposed to be a scouting opportunity for Zway and myself of Kurns Tower for Tuesday. I promise it wont happen again. (and if it does it will take much longer to make any significant gains)

We um, er, kinda, sorta, killed some bony thingies in Kurns. And um, we, ur, got to level 12 against our will. (scouts honor!)

Well, I guess we lucked out since a level 7 and 12 can group. (just like a level 3 and 8 could last week) But if some of yas wants to tool around a little to pick up a level or 2 its allright with us since we did it too!

Anyways, thanks to sapone I've saved enough to get my fire and water pets for level 12 as well as a pet buff.

So dont blame Zway. It was my fault but the skellies called me a shrimp in typical Scooby Doo fashion (rook at da rimp, rook at da rimp! reheeheehee)

Don''t try and cover for him Fang, I know full well it was Sway''s lack of willpower that drove you on.

For shame!

You know Kurn''s tower is forbidden for our clan! You have dishonored us. For penance you must polish ""sugar smack""!

Ok ok...I admit it, Sway helped me up to level 9.

mea culpa mea culpa!!

Level 9! Woot!

Its SOW time for you!

*sniff* they grow up so fast :smash:

Bah. I''m not apologetic at all. I''m 13 and couldn''t be happier. These things happen in the ""new"" EQ. While two years ago, a jump of 3 or 4 levels in EQ would only be the result of an obsessive, sleepless, foodless EQ binge, these levels were practically thrust upon me. And should I really be castigated for helping Fang to get his new pet and Frogh to get to his new spells? These things will only help us survive the great perils that await us on Tuesday. If I had buff-type spells I could have assisted without filling my own experience pitcher. But the only way I can help is by being part of the group. So I took these last two or three levels for the team. I''m willing to make that sacrifice for you guys. If that''s wrong, then I don''t want to be right.

My quests have filled my bank boxes with stacks of silks and bone chips and hides. I think I may try my hand at being a trader and see if I can''t unload some of this stuff. It''s apparently the most fun you can have being AFK! If I sell anything, you might want to raise your alcohol tolerance skill because the drinks will be on me.

I''m convinced.

Sway for President!

Can I get an amen?!

I''ll be bringing light healing, Spirit of Wolf and Spirit of Bear to the party tomorrow.