More on J. Lynch...

... and how that one unit got ambushed can be found in some new army report.

The report, published on Thursday, says that the soldiers' trouble began when their fatigued unit commander took a wrong turn on a road near the city of Nasariyah, that led them into an area still under Iraqi control.

However, the situation facing the 507th Maintenance Company troops was made even worse by malfunctioning equipment, including weapons that jammed and vehicles that broke down, the report says.

The report also says that Private Lynch received her injuries when the Humvee jeep she was riding in was hit by gunfire and slammed into a truck - not in a dogged last-stand fire fight with the enemy as some media reports had suggested.

I had heard about the weapons jamming in the days after the rescue, and that really got my attention. Even well-maintained weapons can be subject to malfunction (structural failure in a bolt compnent, a dud round, etc) but when they say weapons -- plural -- I really wonder how much of it was plain bad luck and how much of it could be attributed to soldiers not taking care of their weapons properly.

A footnote: I spent late 1990 and almost half of 1991 in Saudi Arabia and Iraq for the first Gulf War as an Army grunt, so I am familiar with how hard that environment can be on equipment. However, I took care of my weapon and didn''t have a problem with it. I do recall another guy in my platoon, however, who had let his weapon collect moisture during the rainy months of December and January to the point where he had to stand on the M-16 charging lever in order to break the bolt free from the rest of the rusty interior of the weapon.

Footnote #2: because my team was in an unarmed M577 (tracked communications vehicle), we mounted our M-60 on the generator in front of the commander''s hatch thinking that -- in the worst-case scenario -- we could at least return fire with something a bit heavier. Fortunately we never had to use it...but once we got back to the States and took it out to the firing range, it malfunctioned on the second round: the firing pin broke. Structural failure.

...he had to stand on the M-16 charging lever in order to break the bolt free...

Wow. I can''t even imagine that. Well, strike that, I''ve seen some guys who just don''t really give a sh*t about properly maintained weapons. The M16 isn''t a fool proof weapon but it will perform if you take care of it.

These guys were a bunch of mechanics, right? They couldn''t defend themselves with a bazooka. They screwed up and made a wrong turn. It''s very sad.
There''s no way Jessica Lynch turned into Ripley from Aliens and started blasting away, that''s just pretend. And also, I don''t think the ""rescue"" was as exciting as the military made it out to be. But, I''m glad somebody made it out alive, and apparently is recovering well.

I wonder how much this''ll affect the TV movie.