Tuesday Night Everquest!

"Sway" wrote:

Not that I''d encourage such behavior as ""giving EQ another go"", but here''s the details so far.

Heh, well, I''d been playing EQ on and off from beta to Sullon Zek. The one thing I don''t want to do though is get consumed by it again which is why I''m interested in this once a week thing.

Well, we''ve only played one official week of the weekly adventure. We use the Planes of Power expansion for its transportation features. We were also fighting in Kunark on Tuesday and it looks like next Tuesday may in the same area. That''s two expansions for you. Luclin has been optional for most people. Since not everyone had that, we''ll probably keep out of Luclin zones for Tuesdays.

I''ll see if I can find Kunark and PoP on the cheap. So you guys play these characters two nights a week?

"Plink" wrote:

So you guys play these characters two nights a week?

Not unless we come upon a week with two Tuesdays. However, you know EQ. The chances are pretty good that someone will be on doing a little shopping or completing a few quests during the rest of the week.

Tuesday nights on Mithaniel Marr, eh?

Still need a cleric?

There have been Druids, Necros, Beastlords, Magicians and Shaman that have soloed all the way to 60. I personally have had a few friends accomplish this. Sure we will have to be more selective as time goes on but you dont really need to Slow (up to 55) if its causing more problems than it solves. Plus dont forget that root does not break anymore with melee damage so we can always root park in a jam.

Also dont forget the economy is so out of whack on the old servers. Uber gear is dirt cheap. By the time we are 35 we will be pulling in enough cash to equip ourselves with what was once thought to be godly stuff. For example, Blackjacks now go for 75pp. A 20 AC chest piece with 5 str on it and chain usable is 20pp. My Shammy loves his 9/25 1hb with stats that he got for 40pp. 9/27 MK BST H2H weapon goes for 10pp. Its really easy to find tons of stat AC gear for under 50pp. My Paly bought a Centari Warspear 20/30 for 15pp!!!

My Druid did it for a while, and it was tough, but she was primary healer in the Dreadlands for a group of 6. She only had greater heal but she managed. Pack regen helps alot.

A Cleric and a Warrior would be most welcome but as it stands we are going to be a high damage and moderate defense group while light on the HP''s side. Like I said though we will prolly have to keep the pull rooted until we find a rhythm. Dont forget we can always root the mob and send in our 4 pets to do the work (BL, 2SH,MAG)

I think this thread just passed beyond the comprehension of a non-Everquest player.

I am the monk name of Sapone. Kinda annoying that it takes longer to find a name that is valid than it does to get to level 3. Anybody starting up over the weekend give me a tell if you need a few plat for spells or newbie stuff.

Fangblackbone is right on. The Warrior/Cleric/Chanter stuff does not mean much anymore under 50. By 5th I had made enough farming rat tails to buy gear that would have thousands of plat a few years ago.

Ok. Im all ears. Whats this about farmign rat tails for uber plat?

large rats drop tails worth 1.7 plat. Pretty often too. Freeport newbie zone has a ton of them. Made about 30 plat by 5th level.

Not exactly uber but with prices in the bazaar you can get pretty well equiped by 10th.

i am Nullsenius

Holy crap he''s right! I made about 14pp in 40 minutes selling these things and unloading rusty weps from the decaying skeletons. A vendor in PoK will buy these tails for 1pp 6g and I have crappy charisma at 60! Hooray! I can buy spells now!

I highly recommend this to all the newbs! Buy your spells! Save up 20pp for a decent wep! A full set of leather only costs around 20pp too!

Gratz Fang! Not sure when they put in the tails but they make starting fresh on a new server easy as cake.

The newbie game is nothing like it was a few years ago... thank god, no way I would go through all that again.

Frogh gonna get some bling bling tonight.


Frogh now has full leather armor, facemask, helmet, everything. He squeaks when he walks. Plus he now wields the legendary two handed hammer known as the ""Sugar Smack""!

Hahaha Sugar Smack!

Diggam Smaques much appreciates this gesture

I am your padawan, jedi frog master. Now I''m off to make more coin for spells.