My problem with politics..well, one of them.

I'm tired of the bitching.

Massachusetts Republican Governor Mitt Romney on vacation in neighboring NH at Lake Winnipasauki rescued 4 NJ tourists when there boat sank in the middle of the lake. The 4 rescuees applaud the Governor and his sons for their efforts and thank him profusely. The local papers pick up the story and people applaud.

However the next day local Democrats criticize the Governor"…. for vacationing outside of Massachusetts.

This is why I'm an Independent.

Hey, I used to live near Winnipasauki!

If I was the govenor I would request an audit of the democrat''s vacation activity for the past five years.

Wow, lets hear it for factionalism (sp?)................

There was also a representative here who bitched about the old governor, Jane Swift taking maternity leave while in office. He was like, well, if she gets 6 weeks off, we all should!

As a GWJer of a wife who is about to pop with our first child, it really puts perspective to how dumb that statement was.

Politics in this state have always been screwy.

Politics have too much politics in them, which makes it bad.

What Rat Boy said. Much too political.

did anyone hear about the redistricting hub-bub in texas? something about half the state legislature going to oklahoma so the vote couldnt happen or something? this was a little while ago, but i just heard about it, so i thought i''d ask

I read about that when it happened, Nakedpickle. And to be honest, I kind of think they did the right thing by going AWOL. That redistricting thing seemed patently unfair the way I read it.

ok, thats what i thought it was. I was a little pre-occupied with tests, then drinking around the time it happened. when i emerged from the 2 weeks of suck, it was over.