C&C Generals gets an expansion

From Reuters

Hopefully we'll get naval units to play with, too.

Also, PlanetCnC mentions that this is the first of two RTSs to be announced by EALA. Maybe we'll get a new Tiberian game? Or Red Alert 3?

Tiberian Twilight.

Tiberian Twilight? ...wow, I though the were gong to release it back in ''98 or so.

Posted this at Evil''s but it works here too:

Here ars some new units thought of for the expansion but scrapped to make the game less controversial:

Dixie Chick Peace Propoganda (makes US soldiers docile by taking off clothes)

Angry War Protestor Mob (killing them makes you lose points)

CIA intelligence agents (can''t find enemy weapons)

Iraqi soldiers (they surrender)

Human Shields (they protect enemy positions, but wear out their welcome and get kicked out)

Information Minister (lies about situation to opponent, and occasionally to you)

French commandos (they surrender)

Geraldo (embeds with opponents troops and reveals their position and attack plan)

Looters (steals supplies from you, then returns them after 30 minutes [not really a weapon, just annoying])

Hans Blix (Occasionally shows up to call you a bastard)

Fox News Channel (positively spins situation to your favor, even if you''re losing [USA equivalent of Information Minister])

Fedayeen Saddam (waits for you to win the war, then starts killing troops left and right)

Wayne Newton (Comes to entertain troops, but gets heckled when he doesn''t bring Playboy Playmates)

Aircraft Carrier Photo Op (boosts morale among troops [except Air Force] and boosts patriotism among civilians [except Democrats])

Howard Dean (USA equivalent of Fedayeen Saddam)

Saddam Hussein (Can''t kill him, can''t capture him, but is rather easy to mock)

Haliburton (Goes into battlefield, claims oil derricks, gives money to you [but o­nly if you''re the USA])

F/A-22 Raptor (The best aircraft ever designed, but needs more testing)

Kim Jong Il (builds nukes and keeps saying he''ll use them; question is, what will you do?)

Yuri (no reason, he''s just a goofy unit)

F/A-18E Super Hornet (Navy''s newest jet; slow, guzzles gas, barely can carry weapons; the state of the art in Naval Aviation technology)

Rev. Jesse Jackson (just like the looters, annoying)

Al-Jazeera (hated by both the Americans and the Iraqis)

Congressional Inquiry (even if you win the war, you still end up losing)

I hated Generals....the interface was a huge step back from the previous games...enough so that I returned it 6 days later...


Damn, Rat Boy. I actually want to play a game with some of those units.

""Oh crap, my enemy just constructed a Geraldo! We''re screwed!""

New sig!

Wouldn''t that be ""Oh joy, my enemy just constructed a Geraldo! We''re saved!""

No, because the Geraldo then becomes your reporter, meaning you can''t kill him outright, and reports the positions of your troops. No smart commander would create his own Geraldo. That''s just silly.

Man, this game is more complicated than I thought.

Well then you have to send a special unit to help ""Hans Blix (Occasionally shows up to call you a bastard)""

Ordinairily, a Hans Blix strike is best followed up by Congressional Inquiry and a Howard Dean attack. The only way to counter that is the Aircraft Photo Op with a quick Fox News Channel strike.