Grand Theft Auto Vice City 50% off

Hot tip for this week. Best Buy is selling GTA Vice City for $30.00.

Buy the video game best buy gift card with the $5.00 off coupon on the back. You'll find it next to Xbox or Playstation 2 games. It's placed there so our girlfriends who get confused and frustrated about what games to buy us can just pick up the card.

Anyway, put $25.00 bucks on the gift card and use it with the $5.00 coupon you've got Vice City! (tax is extra of course).

You'll have to wait a year before it gets to $20.00 bucks so this is great deal this week only.

You''re like an evil genius or something, right?

I think we should change his name to Lawyertron2000 for finding this loophole.

So how is this on PC? Anyone playing it?

It''s been out for PC for a while if I remember right. I''ve heard it''s a good port, if you''d like the PS2 version, the PC version is good.

The PC version is awesome for two reasons:
1. Mouselook for aiming and
2. Higher resolutions including increased draw in or whatever they call it, you can see more of the city in the background.