WC3:FT Human (Alliance) Mission 2

ARRAGGHHATGH!! ok this mission is driving me insanse... I refuse to cheat but so far nothing works...Since the undead immediatly starts pounding all your satellite bases.. I figured out you have to basically concede all but one or two...

BUT I can't even get one defended in time..any ideas?? anyone get past this yet??

ok nm... I let it play through instead of immediatly restarting...It seems there is not supposed to be a way to save any bases from the start...

stupid blizzard

I have not even picked up WC 3 yet. Are both titles worth it? WC3 is available for 15 bucks over here...

If you like RTS and enjoy some micromanaging of units then you''d probably really like WC3 and the Expansion..

Well let''s see the last RTS (if you can call it that) I really enjoyed was Sacrifice and before that I must admit the only RTSs that come to mind that I played were Dune 2 and Populous 3 :(.
It''s just I get bored real quick with base building. I hoped WC3 goes more the tactics way than endless hours of building your base before you strike the enemy in one big blow and win or loose the game by that, is that assumption correct and I have a chance to enjoy WC3?

yeah...its less about base building and more about tactics...you have fewer units to deal with and many units have abilites that will make or break a combat..

Also each campaign will have a few missions that feature no base building.