Dload 1.10 beta!!!!!!

Its available on battle.net!!!!!!

Go get it!

You won''t be playing on Battlenet if you download this patch. You can only play single player and multiplayer-over-IP, at least right now. There is a ""revert to v1.09"" patch that will revert you back, but I don''t know if it works or not


Well hold yer hats fer some early impressions. So far high end hell gameplay seems a throw back to classic Diablo 1 days. Stock up on health pots cuz you get hit often. Its not bad, its different and they tremendously increased the curative effects of health potions to compensate. Super Healing pots say they heal 480 points but I quaffed one with less than 1/4 health left and it filled me to full over time. Since my assasin has 916 health I would say it heals more than 480.

The skill synergies are going to be terrific. There is so much to choose from now I dont know where to start. Gimp skills may have lasting power now and early skills can provide significant improvement to advanced skills. With all the changes to the Necro golems, I may put one point into Clay Golem and max out the others to make him my main tank with cheap mana cost. It looks like with all the damage bonuses, Druids are going to be lethal with the Hurricane spell. They havent yet but I truly hope they add passive bonuses to raven and poison creeper (if not the whole vine branch). You actually may be able to make a Castadin (with fist of heavens). FoH does incredible damage and get more with passive bonuses. Holy freeze does damage now and gets a boost from Resist Cold aura.

There is just so much stuff!! Unfortunately, they removed ""players 8"" command that lets you simulate 8 player games in single player, which is unfortunate.

To give you an idea of the monsters you''ll face in act 5 hell diff: the gray porcupine monsters shoot one spine very accurately and it has around a 1/3 chance to poison you with a poison that will kill you at full health if you dont gulp a health pot. This monster also seems to have inate weak thorns or ""attacker takes damage"" and it is immune to fire. Thankfully my maxed out lightning sentry does 1-950 damage. I did have to recast my Shadow Master quite a few times as she didnt stand up to these guys as well as she used to.

Back with more soon...