Rallisport Challenge 2 Unveiled! Watch out Modems)


EDIT: To respect Certis's wishes I removed the images. To see the rest, go Here.

Not a huge jump in visuals over the first one, but then again the first one looked spectacular to begin with.

Yeah, last one looked great. It was also a really great game which didn''t sell nearly as well as it should have

Hard to improve on the original but I''m impressed!

Maybe a better marketing push will help since this is by far the best Xbox racer. The original looks phenominal on a big screen or projection screen.

Combining the best racing game ever with Xbox Live...

I can''t wait!

Most links are farked, maybe xbw found out you were deep linking (in the few months I worked for that site I found out they really resented doing stuff like that).

Sin, we''d rather you just left maybe one screenshot up and linked to the rest. We don''t want to steal bandwidth from other sites and robbing them of page views and the like.

Whoops, looks like they are working again (or maybe it was my computer''s fault). Certis is right though and the xbw guys can be a pain in the ass when they discover you stirring sh*t up. Zero tolerance over there, they kicked me out for cracking a joke about the site on msn. The nerve I had