Activision terminates Trek contract

From Yahoo/Dow Jones

Well, it was a mediocre ride while it lasted. Given the fact that the Great Activision lost money on it, I don't think any other publisher would be stupid enough to climb aboard a sinking ship. This warp core has breached.

Could LucasArts sue George then??

LEC is wholly owned by George. This does remind me of how a lot of licensees decided not to re-up with George after Episode I; if it didn''t have the words ""Hasbro,"" ""Pepsi,"" or ""LucasArts,"" it didn''t sell. Now, expect to see any Trek licensee that isn''t making money now to jump ship, such as Decipher and Art Asylum. The only thing that might go on is the never-ending book franchise from Simon & Schuster, a subsidiary of Viacom.


You know, maybe this is motivated by Viacom wanting to snatch up Vivendi, lock, stock, and game companies. Activision wants to get out with its whatever money it can get and decided to use the widespread animosity against Trek as an excuse.

On the bright side, imagine Blizzard''s take on Trek.

Great, more legal statements. an ugly siiingt.

[/Inspector Kemp]